Top 5 Benefits Of Digital Staging For Your Business

With telling us that digital staging can raise your selling price by 20%

Top 5 Benefits Of Digital Staging For Your Business

With telling us that digital staging can raise your selling price by 20%, it’s no wonder that real estate agents are working with staging companies. In fact, click here to view an award-winning team’s portfolio. They use 3D modeling, photoshop, and rendering software, all with highly competitive pricing. You’re bound to be blown away.

How is Digital Staging Impacting Real Estate Business?

  • Digital technology is changing the real estate business
  • Transform your property portfolio
  • Leverage digital platforms

As you might expect, real estate agents are now taking full advantage of digital apps and various platforms to manage their networks and customer base. Big data and predictive analytics also now give detailed insights into buying and selling trends. These can truly help real estate agents stand out from the competition.

Nevertheless, there are also Virtual Reality property tours and of course, digital staging. Virtually staged photos don’t just make your property look that much more professional. They also help potential buyers dream of their future life in this new home. Once people start imagining things then it’s that much easier to get them over the line to signing your buyer agreement.

Gone are the days when you only relied on your own listings. You can reach out to so many more potential customers nowadays. This is thanks to staged photos because it’s so easy to upload them onto various listings platforms. These include Zillow and, amongst others. Even more exciting is that home staging is so cost-effective especially for real estate agents who can negotiate long-term deals with staging companies.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Staging

It’s not just real estate agents that benefit from digital staging. There are in fact many advantages for individual buyers and sellers, as listed below:

1- Improve your selling price

Virtually staged photos allow you to connect with potential buyers. This is why you can propose a higher selling price. People are more likely to pay more for something they feel connected to. Perhaps they can picture their future kids or grandkids in your staged photos? Similarly, buyers much prefer viewing staged photos because it makes their decision much easier.

2- Reduce your time to sell

The digital staging looks professional and has a fast turnaround time so you’ll be on all potential listings in no time. Furthermore, the right photos for your target customer will naturally stand out. This is because your virtual staging team will have set everything up with the right style to appeal to your target buyer. All the furniture and accessories will be exactly what they’re looking for such that they’ll even reach out to your estate agent directly.

3- Save money

Working with staging companies is very cost-effective. You’re basically looking at tens of dollars per photo as opposed to thousands of dollars per week for physical staging. When you consider the time you save by pulling potential buyers in more quickly, as well as the higher selling price that you can set, then it’s really a no-brainer.

4- Be more targeted

Both your real estate agent and virtual staging company will advise you on the best style to use in your staged photos. There are also some rooms that work better than others when promoting your property.

For example, do you want to do digital staging in only the dining room and living room? On the other side, maybe you should also include a bedroom and floor plans? Either way, your virtual staging team will advise you. Also, they’ll help you work out what, if any, furniture removal you need as well as how your rooms can be fully furnished according to the local style trends. We often forget that home decor trends change and what might have been fashionable when we first moved into our home probably now looks a little tired.

5- Redecorate

As briefly mentioned, virtual staging services offer a great process for redecorating your home. Of course, this is all about standing out and pulling potential buyers to you more quickly. So, it also gives you the chance to collaborate with a buyer who might be sitting on the fence. For example, they have a rather large or weirdly shaped piece of furniture and they’re worried it might not work on your property. With such accessible prices per image, why not create staged photos to include that piece of furniture and remove your potential buyer’s worries? The more presence through virtual staging solutions then the more likely they'll take the final step and buy your property.

Parting Words on Digital Staging

Home staging is all about putting your property in the best light at affordable prices. Moreover, most virtual staging companies have interior design teams so they don’t just take photos. They also advise you on strategy and how to boost your photos. So, you'll want the best virtual staging team who can also use their network and help you reach out to even more potential buyers. Finally, check their background and ask your real estate agent for advice. Also, don’t forget that even buyers benefit from this service because it helps them visualize their potential home more easily. They can also reduce the risk of buying something that doesn’t work for their style. It’s really a win-win all around.

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