What You Need to Know About Maxi Skirts

Some Aussie women consider a maxi skirt as a must-have.

What You Need to Know About Maxi Skirts

Some Aussie women consider a maxi skirt as a must-have. Well, considering how versatile it is, you should at least have one in your wardrobe—or maybe two. Don’t think of it as a skirt that you can wear only for specific occasions. You can mix and match it with your other clothes to fit whatever weather or season.

What is a Maxi Anyway?

A maxi is any long skirt. However, it’s not a floor-length skirt. It’s one that drops below the middle of your calf or somewhere slightly above your ankle. If it is anything longer, it will be called a floor-length.

Sometimes a maxi is more than just the skirt. Depending on the style or design, it can also be part of a dress. Sometimes it can come with a matching coat.

Types and Styles

There are different types and styles of maxi skirts. There are ones with slits, and there are those with pleats. Some are made of denim and while others are of chiffon. The patterns on the fabric vary as well, such as floral maxis and tulles.

The type of long dress will vary depending on the fabric, print, and style, or design. You should at least know how to wear each one and what goes well with each type or style of a long skirt.

Where to Shop for a Maxi?

The good news is that there are plenty of places where you can shop for a long maxi skirt. For convenience, you can opt for local Australian online retailers.

Remember to pay attention to discount offers and promos. That’s how you get the best deals when you shop online.

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

The first thing that you should do is to choose the type of long skirt that will match your particular style or mood. For instance, if you feel kind of bubbly today then wear one that has a floral design.

If you are planning a trip under the sun or if you’re going to a casual event, then a bohemian style may be the great option. Still, if you’re off to a formal event, then a tulle maxi may be a great way to get a pretty yet polished look.

If you want to emphasize a more flattering look, then get a matching crop top with that long skirt. Remember that a maxi skirt will emphasize length. That is why they’re an excellent option for really tall women. But what if you’re not that tall?

If that is the case, then don’t worry, you can still put on a maxi. You can create the illusion of length by putting on a slightly fitting long skirt and matching it with a nice pair of heels.

So, you want to have some fun with friends and frolic under the sun. The question is, what should be a good match for your long skirt?

A rule of thumb here is to wear a printed maxi skirt or one that is in bold colours. To complete the fab and fun outfit, you can match it with a neutral top to create emphasis on the skirt and also highlight your good features using the contrast in design.

Finally, what if you don’t have a maxi skirt, but you have a long dress? The solution is to put on that dress and match it with a nice top—and you instantly have a maxi looking skirt.

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