What You Need to Know When You Choose to Smoke Blunts

Marijuana comes from dried and shredded parts of the cannabis plant

What You Need to Know When You Choose to Smoke Blunts

Marijuana comes from dried and shredded parts of the cannabis plant. This includes the stems, leaves, seeds, and flowers. Most people know it as hash, weed, pot, and various other names. Most cannabis growers, users, and proponents insist that it has no health risks or negative effects. So what are some of the health risks to know about smoking blunts? According to some scientific research, however, prolonged marijuana use can cause certain health problems.

Chemical compounds in the plant cause the effects you feel when you smoke blunts. It has around 400 cannabinoids, which have various physiological and psychological effects on your body. Essentially, different plants of the cannabis genus often contain unpredictable and different concentrations of THC and hundreds of other cannabinoids and molecules with pharmacological effects. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the net effect of smoking marijuana.

Consuming Marijuana

Most users smoke or vape marijuana. What many people do not know is that you can consume it as an ingredient in oils, brewed tea, or even food. The most important thing to understand is that different methods of consuming it will affect your body differently.

When you inhale it into your lungs, for instance, it will quickly get into your bloodstream and make its way into other organs of your body, including your brain. If you drink or eat it, however, it will take longer to feel the effects.

Will Marijuana Help or Hurt You?

Since the first outbreaks of COVID-19, marijuana users have been wondering whether smoking marijuana will help or hurt them. This is especially so for medical marijuana users. Few consumers have answers they can rely on. This is why stakeholders have been pouring more resources into research on the issue over the last few months.

Surprisingly, however, the answers point in both directions. Marijuana has the potential to help you and/or harm you. If you suffer from certain health conditions such as chronic pain, medical marijuana can offer relief. However, if you are a recreational user, you need to educate yourself about the possible health risks associated with the drug.

Possible Health Risks of Smoking Blunts

·        Respiratory System

Much like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke has a variety of toxic chemicals, such as hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. These chemicals can irritate your lungs and bronchial passages. Therefore, if you smoke cannabis regularly, you are more likely to produce phlegm, cough, and wheeze. You will also have an increased risk of developing lung infections and bronchitis. It can also aggravate existing illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and asthma.

·         Circulatory System

THC is a compound contained in cannabis. When you smoke marijuana, it moves throughout your body through your bloodstream. Within a few minutes, your heart rate will start to increase, which can continue for up to three hours. This is dangerous for people with a heart condition because it can increase the risk of a heart attack.

Smoking marijuana may also harm your central nervous system, immune system, and digestive system. If you believe that medical marijuana therapy will help you manage your health condition, you need to consult a certified medical marijuana doctor. To know how to navigate the whole process, companies such as Veriheal will give you some great ideas.





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