When personalities are stripped in Paris: Kim Kardashian, Axl Rose, Prince Abdul Aziz Ben Fahd…

<h2>January 26, 2024, the diva robbed</h2>A costly moment of distraction

When personalities are stripped in Paris: Kim Kardashian, Axl Rose, Prince Abdul Aziz Ben Fahd…

January 26, 2024, the diva robbed

A costly moment of distraction. Emirati pop singer Ahlam, star of social networks in the Middle East, filed a complaint with the Parisian police at the end of January for the theft of two suitcases containing clothes, estimated at 100,000 euros. According to Le Parisien, the diva, who was staying in the 16th arrondissement, left her luggage for a few moments on the landing of the residence where she was staying, while she was about to leave. In 2016, she had already denounced the theft of a Rolex worth 100,000 euros and a ruby, stolen from one of her bags, on the terrace of a Parisian brasserie.

March 2, 2023, a scenario for Netflix

To follow fashion week, Blake Abbie, Lynn Ban (photo) and Jett Kain rented an apartment not far from the Champs-Elysées. These three actors from Bling Empire: New York, a reality TV series on Netflix which follows very wealthy personalities, all of Asian origin, saw their apartment burglarized in their absence. Loot: a Rolex watch, diamonds, the equivalent of 5,000 euros in cash and an electronic tablet. Which will allow the police, thanks to its geolocation a few hours later in the 18th arrondissement, to arrest four men suspected of receiving stolen goods and recover the majority of the stolen objects.

October 3, 2016 Kim Kardashian Tied Up

It was supposed to be a fashion week like any other in Paris for Kim Kardashian, with the only annoyance being the overly insistent flashes of the paparazzi. But, on the night of October 2 to 3, fake police officers showed up at the luxury hotel where the American star was staying, in the 8th arrondissement. Gun to her head, Kim Kardashian is tied up in her bathroom. Around 6 million euros worth of jewelry was stolen. “This experience opened a door to the fact that the world was no longer a safe place,” the reality TV star confided. After a long investigation, twelve men should be tried in the spring of 2025.

August 17, 2014, the Saudi prince's convoy

With his procession of limousines, Prince Abdul Aziz Ben Fahd, eldest son of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, does not travel discreetly. On the road between the George V Hotel and Le Bourget airport, which he heads towards Ibiza in mid-August, a minivan carrying one of its drivers, a security officer and a steward is stopped by armed and hooded men. Jewelry and a suitcase containing 250,000 euros in small denominations were stolen. The robbers leave in two stolen BMWs which they set on fire. In May 2021, six men were sentenced to three to seven years in prison for this robbery.

June 5, 2012, Axl Rose and the Necklaces of Wrath

The Guns N’Roses singer’s anger was such that the police had to come and calm him down. This Tuesday in June 2012, when the American rock group had just played for a hundred privileged people, after a major concert at the Paris-Bercy sports center, Axl Rose discovered that his dressing room had been visited. Three gold and silver necklaces, estimated value of 160,000 euros, are missing. But the theft was brief and the loot was quickly found: the next day, a model came to the 1st arrondissement police station to return the jewelry. Without having, reports the press, given any explanations on the reasons for his action.