"Who's stealing the show?": Which game Nilam Farooq curses

Nilam Farooq (32) will appear on August 2 with Olli Schulz (48) and Fahri Yardim (41) in the fourth season of "Who steals the show from me? (8:15 p.

"Who's stealing the show?": Which game Nilam Farooq curses

Nilam Farooq (32) will appear on August 2 with Olli Schulz (48) and Fahri Yardim (41) in the fourth season of "Who steals the show from me? (8:15 p.m., ProSieben and on Joyn) to show Joko In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she reveals how the actress prepared for the show and what she thinks of her opponents.

Nilam Farooq: I've seen every episode. I'm like, "Who's stealing the show?" is one of the best TV shows. But I remembered it more as a game show - until I sat on the first show. Then I realized: This is a pure quiz show. Then, before the next records, I looked at a few facts, like ministers, states and capitals, and hoped that something would come of it. Of course that wasn't the case.

Farooq: I recently took part in "Blamieren oder Kassieren XL". It went really well, to be honest. (laughs) "Who wants to be a millionaire?" I think it's great because you have options for answers. Now I would definitely say yes. I realized that nothing bad can happen. In the end it's all about having fun.

Farooq: This is the worst category of all. I curse her. Even when I had an idea, I was immediately so insecure. Even if I was only asked my first name, I would have to think twice. I really had a lot of respect for the category.

Farooq: That a question comes up, the answer to which is actually obvious, but I don't just answer wrong, but really wrong. For example, when asked about the capital of Germany, you don't write Bonn because you got stuck in time, but Buxtehude Nord. Just a very wrong answer. Admittedly difficult example.

Farooq: They are definitely competitors. I couldn't judge Olli and Fahri at all. The two make a lot of nonsense and one wonders how much is behind it. But I can already tell you: a lot. I also had great respect for Joko. He's my number one enemy on the show. He has a wide range of knowledge and simply knows things that nobody knows. But he doesn't know the simplest things. But in the end you just want to put on an entertaining show together. And I love the boys very much.

Farooq: Sure, that's what you're competing for. I'm very ambitious anyway and love to play. At first I still thought that victory would be the icing on the cake. But just being able to take part in the show and having this fun felt like a win. But with every show, the ambition has increased, because hosting a ProSieben primetime show would be awesome. So I had a plan in mind beforehand.

Farooq: If you don't have a clue, you should at least try to be creative. You could see that with Teddy. You can also show a bit of humor and try to cover up your own lack of plan before giving a serious and stupid answer.

Farooq: We still don't know how it ended. (laughs) We don't usually play knowledge games, but rather the typical games - very much and very much.

Farooq: Now I just said no knowledge games, but that's not quite true: "The Duel for the Money". This is the board game that goes with the show from before. The answer is always a number written on a card. Then you play on, like a poker game. Depending on how close you are to the correct answer, you win or lose.

Farooq: Yes. I even earned my rent playing online poker for a while.

Farooq: Doris Dörrie's new film "Freibad" starts in cinemas on September 1st. It is about the small microcosm in which each of the different people lives and who meet at the outdoor pool. I'm currently shooting "Manta, Manta 2", which won't be available until next year.

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