Why People Get Awarded And The Science Behind It

Awards have been known to bring really good publicity and press to different events and the

Why People Get Awarded And The Science Behind It

Awards have been known to bring really good publicity and press to different events and the

individuals being awarded. People will always talk about an awards ceremony months after it happened and they’ll remember every single detail about the award.

Issuing football trophies is no different. Award ceremonies attract friends and foe alike to witness the recognition of teams and individuals that have done exceedingly well during the football season.

For football teams, issuing trophies can amplify team culture, values, team spirit, and unity.

  • Trophies Benefit Top Tier leaders and Players

According to Forbes, more than 50% of businesses have some focus on employee awards. This is a great way to recognize players and to reward them for the great show of sportsmanship which in turn reflects on the team values.

Giving football trophies takes different forms. For example, trophies can be given at different events like:

    American football museums and halls of fame College football awards National Football league trophies and awards World Bowl MVPs

A system of rewards can take whichever structure and some of them are rewarding the Most

Valuable Players and commemorating teams.

It is only fair to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of a team player or a team that is taking the game to greater heights. Because awardees have managed to live up to the ideals and culture of the clubs they belong to or of the game, then it becomes natural reward them.

Building a team with a pro-social culture necessitates rewarding team players for their effort.

  •  It Aides To Retain Talent

The truth is, no one wants to stay in an environment where they are not appreciated or recognized. Therefore, when players are accorded football trophies, they feel a sense of belonging to the team and this also attracts other talents in the arena.

Individuals will always tend to work harder in environments where they are recognized. This encourages players to supersede goals and outdo benchmarks.

For example, if you are a club owner, offering prizes or trophies for smashing certain goals benefits both the business and the player by allowing the employee to constantly work on improving themselves professionally and keep the team at the top of their game.

When you give incentives for features you value in your players you, in turn, attract players who want to snowball in their respective teams. This is especially true in regards to businesses that are at risk of talent or head hunters poaching top talent.

  • Motivation For All Involved

Employee awards, and in this case football trophies are an important symbol of rewards or motivation in the modern workplace.

Brand awareness is always assured every time a certain team is rewarded because people look upon the team being rewarded with favor and accolades. This means it may also open other doors for members of the team to be recognized outside of their work environment.

On the other hand, if you decide to create team targets or individual targets and offer a reward for beating the target, then players will more often than not be extremely motivated to want to beat the targets to get the reward.

  • Building Confidence For All Involved

When trophies are issued in football, teams build confidence in their ability to do well. It also positively affects how they view their training environment and uplifts both team and individual motivation. When players are recognized for good performances with trophies after a game, it increases their confidence to do better.

For example, if certain benchmarks are laid down for players to watch out for, and they surpass these benchmarks and perform better than their previous playoffs, rewarding them will boost their effort and increase their thirst in regards to wanting to learn more about their challenges and how they can overcome them.

  • Trophies Are More Likely To Be Remembered Than Money

This article from The Guardian says that though club owners get to have a piece of the pie in being rewarded with a football trophy, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s the players who’ve had their bodies bruised and plastered; it’s a simple way of showing appreciation to the club owner for their support in ensuring the clubs financial engine runs well. They already have the money; it’s the recognition that rewards them.

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