Window Shutters: More Versatile Than You Thought

Plantation shutters in particular are something of a masterclass in timeless elegance and sophistication. If anything, their appeal and desirability have only increased over the course of time.

Window Shutters: More Versatile Than You Thought

To say that plantation shutters are a popular interior design trend would be to do them an injustice. Having been a staple feature in homes and properties of distinction worldwide for centuries, you cannot really call shutters a ‘trend’ in the conventional sense.

Plantation shutters in particular are something of a masterclass in timeless elegance and sophistication. If anything, their appeal and desirability have only increased over the course of time.

Ideal for all types of classical and contemporary interiors, plantation shutters can be tailored to complement any type of interior décor. They can also be configured to cover almost any opening around the home, including non-standard windows in unusual shapes.

Hence, to call shutters versatile would be something of an understatement. But what is often overlooked is of how the benefits of shutters extend far beyond the confines of conventional windows and doors.

There are at least three other ways shutters can be used to enhance and improve an interior space, with a little creativity and innovation.

1. Patio Doors

For example, shutters can be ideal for covering patio doors of all shapes and sizes. Traditionally a challenging opening to dress, bespoke shutters can be configured to fit even the biggest patio doors with flawless precision.

The benefits of window shutters for patio doors go beyond their undeniable visual appeal. Premium window shutters are far more energy-efficient than conventional curtains, helping keep interior spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. They also provide much greater control over privacy and natural light absorption, with the precise adjustment of the louvres in the panels.

Perhaps more importantly, premium-quality window shutters can bolster the security of patio doors, adding a further barrier between your home and the outdoors; an effective deterrent for would-be intruders and peace of mind for the occupants of your home.

2. Wardrobe Doors

If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom, why not switch out your current wardrobe doors for solid panel shutters? A simple yet highly effective interior makeover, shutters can be configured in any shape and size to fit most types of wardrobes.

Louvred shutters for wardrobe doors are also an option, as are tier-on-tier shutters where the top and bottom panels can be opened independently of one another. With an endless range of colours and styles to choose from, it is a great way to bring a touch of creative style into the bedroom at an affordable price.

3. Room Dividers

High-quality shutters can also be configured to serve as a practical yet elegant room divider. Where additional privacy is required, the panels can be folded out to isolate part of the room, or perhaps split it in two centrally. At all other times, the panels can be neatly folded away in a discreet position to the side of the room.

Shutters can be particularly useful as room dividers in shared living spaces and garden rooms, where a single space is used for a variety of purposes. Again, with limitless colour and design options to choose from, ensuring your shutters perfectly complement your interiors.

The colour of your shutters.

This is where freedom of choice can sometimes prove problematic. Far from a restricted range of options available, window shutters can be finished in just about any colour imaginable.

Of course, there is technically no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice when selecting colours for your shutters. But in order to ensure you are happy with the result, there are four things you need to consider carefully when choosing colours for shutters:

1. Surrounding Colours and Patterns

You will need to take into account all existing colours and patterns in the vicinity of the window. It is entirely up to you whether you choose a colour for your shutters that blends in with its surroundings, or something that stands out as a bold statement piece. Either way, your decision will need to be based on the surrounding colours and patterns, which will serve as a frame for your window shutters.

2. Your Preferred Effect

You will also need to consider what kind of effect you would like to achieve, upon installing shutters in any given space. For example, you could choose a contrasting colour that stands out from its surroundings, creating an eye-catching statement piece for the entire space. Alternatively, your goal could be to make a room look and feel as spacious as possible, which could call for a colour that blends in with its surroundings. Shutters can be great for complementing the aesthetic of an interior space in a variety of ways, so it is entirely up to you which way you go.

3. Exterior View

Try not to overlook the importance of how your shutters will complement the external view of your home. Shutters will always be visible from outdoors, influencing your home’s aesthetic appeal and potentially contributing to its market value. Again, the effect you would prefer to achieve is entirely up to you - something subtle of more standout in nature. Just be sure to take a good look at your home from the outside, before making your final decision.

4. Future Decorating Plans

It is also prudent to factor in any immediate or future decorating plans you have in mind. For example, if you plan on painting your living room an entirely different colour in the near future, it could have a major impact on the visual appeal of your shutters. If in doubt, choose something with the kind of timeless elegance and sophistication that works well with all interior styles.  Remember that the subtler and more understated the colour, the easier it is to pair it with almost any surrounding décor.

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