Taken to court by his parents for defamation after accusing them of violence in his youth, the writer Yann Moix was acquitted on Monday April 29. The decision was made publicly by the 17th criminal chamber of the Paris judicial court, and its reasons were not immediately communicated.

José and Marie-José Moix had filed a complaint after the broadcast, in October 2022, of the program “En aparté” on Canal, during which their son had accused them of violence and abuse, as well as of being “racist” and “homophobic.”

During the hearing on March 7, in a very tense atmosphere, the accounts of each side were in complete contradiction. In front of his parents who listened to him without flinching, Yann Moix said he had been “molested, beaten, martyred”. He recounted, among other things, having been regularly beaten “with an extension cord”, and admitted to wishing “for the death” of his parents. The latter, when their son had left the room so as not to hear them, had responded by denouncing “lies”, “a shame”, “a novel”.

Yann Moix was also targeted, after another television show in 2019, by a complaint for defamation from his little brother, Alexandre. The case ended in 2023 with a judgment from the Court of Cassation annulling the entire procedure.