Your Brilliant Guide to Lighting Small Areas or Spaces Office Nooks, Hallways, and More

We all have what we consider to be 'small' spaces in our homes, whether it’s a hallway

Your Brilliant Guide to Lighting Small Areas or Spaces  Office Nooks, Hallways, and More

We all have what we consider to be 'small' spaces in our homes, whether it’s a hallway, a small office, a powder room, a spare bedroom, or even a small yet cosy kitchen. And whilst we appreciate these small spaces, it can be somewhat of a challenge when it comes to lighting them. Thankfully, your small space doesn’t have to suffer from poor or inadequate lighting any longer. With the addition and clever use of flush-mounted fixtures, pendant lights, sconces, and more, your small space can become fully transformed. The following is your brilliant guide to lighting small areas or spaces: office nooks, hallways, and more.

· Your office nook

Office nooks tend to be small and confined, so for this type of space, overhead lights are essential. Overhead lights can start with mini pendant lighting suspended over a desk, where the light’s close proximity can direct the light to where you most need it. It will also give the rest of the space a white, cosy and warm glow. If you want, you can add an adjustable lamp placed on the table to serve as a second source of light, perfect for reading, for doing paperwork, and for performing other tasks on the desk. Go for an adjustable lamp with arms that can be extended or swung so you can tuck it away to save space when you’re not using it.

· Your powder room

For a powder room, you can take advantage of a mirror featuring built-in lighting, and it can serve as a great alternative to a flush-mounted light or overhead pendants. Since the lit mirror provides bright, direct light, you will have plenty of visibility in the room. Another reason to use a mirror featuring built-in lighting is that it can rid the room of unsightly or awkward shadows, which can make the room appear smaller. If your powder room also doubles as a shower room, you could install a trim light in the shower so you can illuminate the shower area or stall.

· Your hallway

Even if your hallway is on the short, somewhat stuffy side, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect contemporary lighting for it. You can use a small but attractive chandelier for a more welcoming yet formal look, and this light will not only reflect a steady and stable beam, but it will also brighten and lighten the hallway's walls. Another option would be to line the walls of the hall with several sconces for accent. Since sconces are small, they won't use up a lot of space, and you can leave your floors clear for foot traffic and small furniture.

· Your spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom that's on the small side, you want it to be warm, cosy, and welcoming so your guests feel comfortable in it. For this type of room, you don't have to use table lamps; use sconces instead. If sconces are installed on top of a nightstand, space can be created, and you can divide the room into several distinct spaces, which makes it feel less constrained or congested. The use of sconces can also contribute to the room's ambient and task lighting, so guests can relax and read more easily. You can even add a small, stylish pendant so the eyes of the guests are drawn upward.

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:45

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