According to the sheriff's office, a Florida girl created a 'killlist' for 8 students

Police say that an anonymous tip led to the investigation that saw the teen from Port St. Lucie charged with multiple felonies of writing threats.

According to the sheriff's office, a Florida girl created a 'killlist' for 8 students

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 14-year old girl and charged her with multiple felonies. She allegedly had a "killlist" of eight names stored on her phone.

According to officials, the girl was charged with eight felonies of writing threats. NBC News won't name her as she is a minor.

"After receiving an anonymous tip Tuesday afternoon, school faculty informed deputies about a list of eight juveniles' phone numbers that she had labeled a 'killlist'," said Brian Hester chief deputy with the sheriff’s office. "Contact has been made with the parents of these juveniles."

Hester stated that no weapons were found in the child's house. However, the conditions were described as "deplorable."

Police found cocaine and drug paraphernalia in plain sight. Police said that the mother of the teen, aged 40, was arrested and taken into custody.

Hester stated that "We are committed in providing a safe learning environment to our children" and will continue to work with St. Lucie Public Schools. It is important for parents to create a safe environment at home for their children, and to educate them about the dangers of verbal and written threats to school environments as well as the possible consequences.

According to police, the girl was a student at West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie. According to police, she was taken into the department of juvenile justice. According to police, her mother was taken into custody and held in county jail on $6,250 bond.

Thursday was a busy day for the relatives of the defendants.

Port St. Lucie lies approximately 50 miles north from West Palm Beach.

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