Arkansas car show: One dead, many injured, six children were involved in the shooting

Arkansas State Police stated in a statement that one suspect was taken into custody. A search continues today for other suspects who might have been firing into crowds.

Arkansas car show: One dead, many injured, six children were involved in the shooting

Police said that a shooting occurred at a Dumas car show on Saturday night. One person was killed, and at least 24 were injured.

Although police have not revealed the circumstances of Saturday's shooting at Dumas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson stated on Twitter there were two suspects. One of them had been arrested, and the other was being held on unrelated allegations.

Six children were among the wounded. According to a spokesperson, the children who sustained gunshot wounds were taken to Arkansas Children's Hospital. As of Sunday afternoon, most had been released.

Hutchinson stated that he will continue to investigate the details and determine if any steps could have been taken in order to prevent such a tragedy.

Police stated in an earlier statement that troopers, highway patrol officers, and investigators were sent to the location of the car show at 7:25 p.m.

Hoodnic Foundation, a non-profit group, stated that it was "heartbroken" and in shock by what happened during the car show. It posted a statement to its Facebook page.

Wallace McGehee, the group's director, said to NBC affiliate KARK Little Rock that he saw the shooting and tried to rescue children from harm's way.

He said, "Getting down and trying to get the kids out of the way was the main problem for all of us."

McGehee stated that the group promotes nonviolence. It is listed as an educational non-profit on transparency websites.

McGehee stated that this was the 16th annual Dumas car show. He said that the other years were trouble-free. Fliers called it the "NeighborHOOD PicNIC."

McGehee stated, "Send ya’ll prayers, send you’all condolences."

Arkansas Democrat Chris Jones tweeted that he was present at Saturday's event to register voters and enjoy "a positive family environment".

Jones released a statement saying that he was deeply saddened and angered by the tragedy.