Florida man requests police to test methamphetamine for authenticity

Officers stated that they are happy to verify the authenticity of illegal drugs for anyone who may be unsure.

Florida man requests police to test methamphetamine for authenticity

According to officials, a Florida man was arrested after calling the police to verify that his methamphetamine was authentic.

Thomas Eugene Colucci of Spring Hill, Florida called the Hernando County Sheriff's Office Thursday asking for officers to test him for methamphetamine he'd recently bought, according to a Facebook posting by Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Colucci claimed to officers that he was a "experienced drug user" who believed that he had been sold bath-salts rather than meth.

According to the man, he knew what the substance should feel like and it wasn't giving him the desired effects.

Colucci stated that he wanted the police testing the meth to make sure no one else buys it from the seller.

Officers performed a test on Colucci's substance and determined that it was meth.

Colucci was taken into custody by officers. He was then taken to a local hospital to undergo a medical evaluation.


He was charged with possession methamphetamine and possession of Drug Paraphernalia. A $7,000 bond was issued.

It wasn't immediately clear if Colucci retained a lawyer, and NBC News couldn't immediately reach him for comment.

According to the sheriff's office, if someone has doubts about whether illegal narcotics they have are genuine or if they have been obtained from another person, Hernando County Sheriff's Office will gladly provide this service, free of charge.

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