Harvey Weinstein, disgraced producer, was caught infiltrating Milk Duds and sent to jail

After Weinstein met Shawn Burkley (one of his lawyers), on Nov. 10, the candy was discovered during a Google search.

Harvey Weinstein, disgraced producer, was caught infiltrating Milk Duds and sent to jail

According to records seen by Variety, Harvey Weinstein was caught in November with contraband Milk Duds. This prompted a reprimand from L.A. County Jail Guards.

After Weinstein met Shawn Burkley (one of his lawyers), face-to-face, the Milk Duds were discovered during a Nov. 10 search. The guards confiscated the Milk Duds and warned Weinstein that they would search Shawn Burkley's laptop bags and legal binders on any future visits.

Weinstein told the guards that he brought the Milk Duds when he was extradited to Los Angeles from New York in July. The jail officials claimed that Weinstein had been searched at L.A. County's medical facility upon his arrival, but nothing was found. This led them to believe that the Milk Duds had been given to him during the attorney’s visit.

Weinstein issued a statement to Variety in which he apologized for the incident.

Weinstein stated that it was an innocent misinterpretation. It will never happen again. "I was a model inmate. I followed the rules and regulations. I am deeply sorry."

Weinstein's attorneys Mark Werksman, and Alan Jackson issued an apology.

They said that they had been informed and were very sorry for the incident. It had never happened before and it has never happened again. Harvey is a model inmate. He intends to continue that role."

While awaiting trial on 11 counts of rape, and sexual assault, the disgraced producer is currently being held at the Correctional Treatment Center. He was sentenced in 2020 to 23 years imprisonment in New York. The appeal against the conviction is ongoing, and the court will rule on the appeal within the next few months.

Weinstein has the right to meet face-to-face with his lawyers as he prepares to go on trial. Officials in jail warned that Weinstein could not have face-to-face meetings with his attorneys if contraband was found. They may be required to use a special booth.

Weinstein is facing many health problems, including diabetes, heart issues, sleep apnea, and eye issues.


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