Man pleads guilty in the fatal shooting of Jacqueline Avant (wife of 'Godfather Black Music')

Avant was shot and killed by Aariel Maynor in her Beverly Hills home.

Man pleads guilty in the fatal shooting of Jacqueline Avant (wife of 'Godfather Black Music')

Officials said that a man pleaded guilty Thursday to the murder of Jacqueline Avant. Avant was the wife of a famous Los Angeles music executive.

Aariel Maynor (30), was charged with killing Avant, 81, as well as shooting at her security guard in a robbery at Avant's Beverly Hills home Dec. 1, according to a statement from George Gascon, Los Angeles District Attorney.

Maynor pleaded guilty one count each of attempted murder and first-degree murder. According to the statement, Maynor will serve a maximum sentence in prison of 170 years and will not be eligible for parole.

The shooting did not result in any injuries to the security guard.

After security footage captured Maynor leaving the Maynors home shortly after the shooting, Maynor was taken into custody.
Jacqueline Avant was a philanthropist and mother, who married Clarence Avant in 1967.

Clarence Avant, also known as the "Godfather" of Black Music, is credited for helping to launch the careers of many notable Black musicians, including Bill Withers.

Lionel Riche remembered Clarence Avant as the one who helped him understand the music business when he was inducted into Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame last January.

Gascon stated Thursday that the killing continues to shock his conscience. Our entire community felt the tragic loss of Mrs. Avant's life.

Maynor's lawyer could not be reached immediately. His sentencing date is March 30.

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