Michigan lawmaker sent to probation for touching a nurse

Tuesday's sentence for a Michigan lawmaker for inappropriately touching a nurse practitioner in the course of treatment for COVID-19 was a year.

Michigan lawmaker sent to probation for touching a nurse

State Senator John Bizon, a Battle Creek Republican must also pay $1,130 in court fees and fines, receive mental health counseling, and not contact the victim. He pleaded guilty battery, a misdemeanor.

After Hours Express in Marshall was responsible for the incident.

Bizon, a 70 year-old physician, asked her for advice on COVID-19 treatment. According to the police report, as she was discussing the over-the-counter medication, Bizon pulled her closer and cupping her waist. He then told her that he was an otolaryngologist. Bizon became furious when she refused to give him a different medication and fled.

According to the victim, when she reported what Bizon did, a female assistant at the hospital said that he also touched her during his vitals and made inappropriate comments.

Bizon stated in writing last month that he regretted the situation. He also said that he was upset that he made someone feel unsafe.

Bizon, who has served four years in Congress, is now in his first Senate term. He will not be subject to legislative discipline.


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