Missouri shootings leave one officer dead and two others wounded.

Cpl. Cpl. Ben Cooper joined the Joplin Police Department as a volunteer in 2003. The city's police chief stated that he has left behind his wife and two children.

Missouri shootings leave one officer dead and two others wounded.

His grieving police chief identified the victim as Cpl. Ben Cooper.

"We are a large extended family at Joplin Police Department. Sloan Rowland, the Joplin Police Department's chief, stated that today was a difficult day and that the community is feeling it.

Rowland said that Cooper, who joined the department in 2003 and was made corporal in 2016, "leaves behind his wife and two daughters."

According to the chief, the suspect was struck repeatedly by an officer and killed. The suspect was identified as Anthony Felix (40), of Joplin.

Rowland stated that one of the wounded officers was still in critical condition on Wednesday. The second officer was stable but in serious condition. They were not allowed to be identified.

Two officers responding to a call about a disturbance at Northpark Crossing were shot as they tried to arrest the suspect.

Rowland stated Wednesday that the suspect took a patrol car and led police on a chase. He fired at police from his stolen vehicle, striking a police vehicle and "narrowly missing" one of the officers.

Police said that the suspect fled after crashing the vehicle in a residential area.

The suspect opened fire on the officers when they caught up to him. One officer sustained injuries. Lewis stated that the suspect was struck by another officer after Lewis returned fire.

Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley stated during Wednesday's news conference, that the city flags will be reduced to half-staff at noon.

"Everyday we are called upon to remember the sacrifices of our bravest. He said, "And today we are reminded why."

The mayor encouraged the community to support the families and friends of the injured and fallen officers.

"Today, we raise up Corporal Ben Cooper and his family. Yesterday, Corporal Cooper made the most terrible sacrifice for his city.

Lt. Governor. Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe also made a similar appeal, asking Missourians "for the officers who were involved in the shooting in Joplin today, as well their families and fellow officers."

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, it was requested by Joplin police in order to investigate the shootings. This is a routine procedure for shootings involving officers.

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