Monroe County was hit by a torrential windstorm that cut off power to over 40,000 people.

ROCHESTER (WROC), -- Power outages caused by severe winds impacted more than 40,000 RGE customers. Monroe County has asked residents to avoid unnecessary travel Saturday due to road damage.

Monroe County was hit by a torrential windstorm that cut off power to over 40,000 people.

High Wind Warnings have been issued for most of the region, with gusts expected to reach 60-70 mph. According to the National Weather Service Batavia had a peak wind speed record of 74 mph.

High winds have caused power outages for 38,257 Rochester Gas and Electric customers as of 10:05 p.m. RGE reports that most outages occurring at this hour are located west of Genesee, in areas such as Chili, Gates, and Greece.

According to the New York Weather Authority, North Chili is being affected the most. This area is currently without power for over 3,000 residents.

The Town of LeRoy, located several miles from downtown, was subject to a severe windstorm. Residents suffered significant structural damage and some property losses.

Strong gusts of 60+ will be expected in Rochester, NY through 7pm. Winds will then taper off slowly.

RGE has 1,800 tree and line crews available to help with damages this weekend in the state. National Grid also has approximately 2,500 field force members in upstate New York. Rochester is currently experiencing outages due to down power lines and trees.

David Bertola, national grid spokesperson, says that you cannot predict the number of outages that will occur but you can prepare.

Bertola stated, "Ensure you have spare batteries, flashlights and a fully charged phone ready to go." Always assume that a down power line is carrying power. You can always dial 911 if you need to. To prevent carbon monoxide buildup, make sure you operate a generator outdoors. Make sure you disconnect the main breaker in your basement before operating the generator.

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