Remains of a missing Tennessee woman's head found in Illinois nearly 30 years ago.

Susan Lund, Clarksville, was reported missing after she walked to a nearby grocery store in December 1992.

Remains of a missing Tennessee woman's head found in Illinois nearly 30 years ago.

MOUNT VERNON (Ill.) -- Friday's investigation revealed that a woman's remains were discovered in southern Illinois nearly three decades ago.

Two girls found the head of Ina Jane Doe, previously known as Ina Jane Doe, on Jan. 27, 1993 along a road in Wayne Fitzgerrell state park near Ina.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Susan Lund, a Clarksville, Tennessee woman, was 25 when she vanished on December 24, 1992. She went to the grocery store, but she never returned home. Investigators couldn't identify the woman when her head was discovered in the state park a month later.



According to Redgrave Research Forensic Services, Massachusetts, Amy Michael, University of New Hampshire, offered to reexamine her case.

A new forensic sketch was created of the woman and DNA samples were taken from her remains to create a profile of her. The profile was then sent to the forensic genealogical team.

Lund's sister provided a DNA sample to compare. The release stated that the woman was confirmed to be Sudan Lund on March 6.

Pamela Reyes, one of Lund’s sisters, stated that her family, which included her three children, who were 6 and 4, respectively, has received some peace.

Reyes stated, "I'm speaking only on behalf of her children." "They want people to know they are grateful that their mother didn't abandon them," Reyes said.

Investigators want to hear from anyone who has any information regarding what happened.


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