Texas is finally getting rain

On Monday, wildfires continued to scorch Texas. Forecasters predicted that a system moving through could bring rain and strong winds.

Texas is finally getting rain

Two firefighters died in the fires, one in Texas and one in Oklahoma . The Eastland Complex, which was the largest fire, burned almost 85 square miles (220 kilometers) in an area of around 120 miles (193 km) west of Dallas. It was 30% contained by Sunday.

Monique Sellers, National Weather Service meteorologist, told The Dallas Morning News about a quarter inch (2.5 cm) of rain being predicted for Monday in Eastland County.

She said that rain would help to alleviate the dryness in grassy areas that are prone to fires. "Unfortunately Monday is the last day we will see rain in the foreseeable future. The windy days will not stop."

A second fire forced evacuations in Hood County (75 miles (121 km) southwest of Dallas). The Big L fire had burned approximately 9 square miles (23 km2) and was 5% contained.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated Friday that 50 houses had been destroyed.

Officials said that a 55-year old firefighter died in southwest Oklahoma after she was separated from her vehicle while fighting wildfires. Officials said that April Partridge died while working with Edgewater Park's volunteer fire departments.

In Texas, Deputy Sergeant. Barbara Fenley, a Deputy Sgt. in Texas, died last week after going door to door asking residents to evacuate. authorities stated.


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