West Point cadets were 'involved in' mass fentanyl overdose among Florida spring breakers

Officials were concerned that overdoses could have been linked to "bad batches."

West Point cadets were 'involved in' mass fentanyl overdose among Florida spring breakers

West Point stated Friday that cadets were involved in the NBC News affiliate WTVJ Miami reported was a mass fentanyl abuse among spring breakers from Florida.

The military academy released a statement saying that it was aware of Thursday's incident at Wilton Manors north of Fort Lauderdale. The school declined to comment further.


WTVJ reported that six people aged 20 overdosed in a rental house.

Paramedics arrived at the scene on Thursday afternoon to find four cardiac arrest victims in the front yard.

Gollan stated that four of them are believed to have taken cocaine with the powerful synthetic opioid, which is dozens times more potent than morphine.

According to Gollan, the two other overdosed while trying to give CPR.

The station reported that all six were from West Point and that two of them remained in critical condition.

According to Gollan, "These are young, healthy adults, college students at the peak of their lives, and getting the drug into their system it's unknown what will recovery be like."

He said that the incident was "extremely concerning" because it occurred during spring break's first week.

According to WTVJ, he stated that "Obviously, if there is a bad batch it's not usually isolated just to one buyer. It normally goes to all those who purchased the same substance from whomever they got it from." It is concerning that other ODs could occur over the next few days, if we base what we see with the fentanyl already present.

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