Lifeline : Captain of rescue ship may leave for Germany

The German captain of the rescue Ship 34; Lifeline 34; Claus-Peter Reischl may leave Malta to visit his mother. But soon he must go back.

  Lifeline  : Captain of rescue ship may leave for Germany

According to aid organisation Mission Lifeline, captain of Lifeline, which is located in Malta, may leave for Germany. The German Claus-Peter ReeinenAusreiseantrag had put in court, according to media reports, to visit his elderly mor for a few days in Germany. The application has now been granted. From 16th Julidarf, Mediterranean island of Malta is thus abandoned.

The court in Dermaltesischen Capital Valletta decided to lift exit barrier against Claus-Peter ReSteier, said Axel cofounder of Dresdner HilfsorganisationMission Lifeline. However, continuation of court proceedings on 30 July must be back to Malta. Neil Falzon, lawyer from Reischl, said captain would return to Malta shortly before hearing.

The lifeline of Dresden aid organization was crossed almost a week without a target on sea after saving more than 230 schiffbrüchigeMigrantinnen and migrants from Libya. In June, Italy's interior Minister Matteo Salvini had forbidden private distress rescue workers to moor in Italian ports. The German rescue ship lifeline with 234 refugees rescued from distress on board was refore on a day long odyssey in Mediterranean. It was only after agreement that Geflüchtetenunter EU countries were divided that Malta allowed entry into a port at end of June. It was confiscated and captain brought to justice.

He is accused of having controlled ship without proper registration in Maltese waters. Although it is at a free foot in Malta, it has not been allowed to leave island.

Currently, Salvini denied a ship of Italian coast Guard with refugees on board mooring in Italy. He demanded guarantees before Diciotti with 67Flüchtlingen on board. According to media reports, Schiffnun has been given permission to leave port in Sicilian Trapanianzulaufen Thursday morning.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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