75 years after Hiroshima: protection against the infernal machines

exploded Since 75 years ago, American atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world in fear that a war with the most hellish of all weapons could be carried.

75 years after Hiroshima: protection against the infernal machines

exploded Since 75 years ago, American atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world in fear that a war with the most hellish of all weapons could be carried. The arsenals sufficient to wipe out humanity several times. Even a regionally limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan, however, would require millions, perhaps even billions of deaths, because the fire that burns brighter than a thousand suns, a nuclear Winter followed.

From a nuclear Armageddon, the world was not far alone in the Cuban missile crisis only a push of a button. The number of those who could enter increased. In the circle of nuclear powers, democracies like Israel, but also a surreal dictatorship called North Korea have risen. At least, could so far be prevented that the terrorists came into the possession of the bomb.

But also in the nuclear Establishment, there are worrying developments. Between America and Russia in a new arms race has broken out, the almost all disarmament treaties fell victim to the decades-long cornerstones of a nuclear order. Putin swung the sledgehammer secretly; Trump, as is his way, same with the wrecking ball. His Remarks to questions of nuclear strategy does not suggest that he would have penetrated this complex matter better than the Corona-crisis.

the world Would be so not secure, if there were no nuclear weapons? Their abolition had self-declared former United States President Obama to the target, the last one in Hiroshima. The Nobel peace prize laureate did not believe, however, that this dream could be, in his lifetime, true. His descendants should not expect. The bomb is existential threat, and protection in one, will remain.

As a state, not by struggling, to systems to could trust, which gave him his Conviction to the security, Power and Prestige, the fact that all the other nuclear powers did the same, and for all of the times and the President? Disarmament treaties and verification regimes can be circumvented, as we have seen, broken, or simply be terminated. The temptation, in a formally nuclear-weapon-free world a (secret) nuclear weapons Arsenal create would be great. A handful of hydrogen bombs would be enough to the global Hegemon to rise.

Even if the Knowledge could be forgotten for the construction of the bomb, would be with her, not yet the war disappeared. The invention of the yet most terrible of all the weapons made it impossible, as the many military conflicts show that there was since Hiroshima. The feared third and last world war between America, referred to the free West and the Soviet Union with its satellites, is not broke but, although the antagonistic blocks were armed to the teeth in Europe. Because even a "only" with conventional weapons, the start of the attack would lead to "mutual secured destruction". This risk held even the "hawks" on both sides of military adventures under the use of nuclear weapons. The deterrent worked. The only protection against the infernal machines. to be able to

Effective quenching must therefore be still and again the first commandment of European security policy. The Kremlin also keeps track of the "near abroad" of its objectives with military force. He stationed nuclear weapons that threaten Western European capitals. The credibility of the American commitment to the nuclear umbrella Annen also on the European members of the "obsolete" Nato split, has suffered as a result of Trump, however, strongly. He would remain in office, and his line that "defaulters" should themselves take care of their safety, then Germany would commit to not only in speeches, but also act accordingly. Then it was not enough, however, to attract more Volunteers in the barracks. The nuclear requirements of an effective deterrence strategy thought to be, and decided debated.

This is the German policy, but also on 80. Anniversary of Hiroshima hardly want to do. So you have to hope in this respect that the presidency Trumps ending soon and the successor is committed clearly to the TRANS-Atlantic Alliance and its obligations. As convenient as it used to, as America is at least ensured with the missiles in his Silos, that you could in this country to demonstrate in freedom and security, for the abolition of nuclear weapons, but no American President more. Because even the re-grown threat posed by Moscow is no longer America's first concern. 75 years after Hiroshima, the United States will be challenged again in the Pacific, but this Time with far more than only with military means.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 06:20

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