A 'hat-trick' de Luis Suárez dyed the Classic barca

Julen Lopetegui, sentenced; Antonio Conte, expected The death of a cycle, absurd, by O. Suarez Casemiro: "The players are the guilty ones" Julen Lop

A 'hat-trick' de Luis Suárez dyed the Classic barca

Julen Lopetegui, sentenced; Antonio Conte, expected

The death of a cycle, absurd, by O. Suarez

Casemiro: "The players are the guilty ones"

Julen Lopetegui came in with the anxiety and the obsessions of the player chair, coffee and nicotine. With the same torments human-narrated by Dostoyevski: "he had lost everything, absolutely everything. When leaving the casino I felt inside the pocket was moving something. It was a coin. I already had enough to eat. But, after having walked a few steps, I changed my mind and I'm back." Lopetegui played the last coin, when there was who gave by dismissed at the break. After a disgraceful first act in which Real Madrid was with a handicap of two goals, the coach was overturned. Raised to his team. Did suffer at Barcelona for half an hour. Took him to the limit. Until Luis Suarez, gigantic in the absence of his close friend Messi, said enough. The classic was yours. Their three goals, in addition to a stick, were a burden unbearable for the coach of Real Madrid, ridiculed in the sunset with a fifth goal from Arturo Vidal. Life. [Narration and statistics (5-1)]

Never was easy knowing they are doomed. Said Lopetegui that, whatever happened, he would continue breathing. The death has nothing to do with losing the job, without knowing perhaps the ease with which one can come to dying in life. Simply, you can just forget. Its Real Madrid, who came after Christian, twilight and decrepit in the first time, began to be razed. A Barcelona without Messi, who came to the duel with Rafinha on the front, but with the forward competitive enough as to leave the targets embedded in the indifference of the classification. Already five days without a win of the Madrid, seven points away from Barca. There is nothing.

The schizophrenia came into view from around the world already in the preamble with the esperpéntico role of Vinicius. Yes, that young man by the that the legal services of Real Madrid fought so that you could play the classic, given that he was sanctioned. We lifted the punishment and cleared the party of the subsidiary. But Lopetegui made him travel to Barcelona to get it out after the call. Had to place their buttocks on the cold seat of the stands of the Camp Nou. A ridiculous situation. Or not so much when it comes to challenge the foreman at the foot in the gallows. When the die is cast.

Stab on the left

The sins targets were accumulated from the same manufacture of the board. Or from the poor performance in the first leg of a triumvirate (Casemiro-Modric-Kroos) with aroma in order to journey. Real Madrid rejected the ball and pretended to play on long, when the one who peeked in the eleven was Isco, not Asensio. No one noticed that this Barcelona is a team that stands by the right, and stabs on the left. Jordi Alba, maybe the best side in the world next to Marcelo, he ran freely along the shore. Gareth Bale it was the scarecrow, so that Nacho had no other to be in evidence.

Thanks to a long game in which all players of Barcelona, except Suarez touched the ball, Rakitic prompted the solo career of Alba. The side he waited for the uruguayan to take the central and I hope that Coutinho could finish, at the goal without opposition.

There was still the Madrid signs of life, beyond a shot high of Benzema and two others of Marcelo and Ramos from outside the area. Because there was no way of threading games. And if that weren't enough, another pass of Alba, this time to Suarez, ended with the demolition of Varane. The referee, who had left to follow the play, he ended up correcting the first time that the VAR presented on a classic. New times.

Benzema, dejected, after one of the goals of the club. ALBERT GEAREUTERS

The 2-0, trapped by Suarez to take the penalty, he should have allowed the Barcelona to live the second act in peace. It was not so. Lopetegui left his light slumber. Took Varane to the bench, formed a defence of three with Casemiro and Nacho accompanying Ramos, and she started to fly to the newcomer, Lucas, Marcelo, finally full. Until that burst it.

they Advanced the lines of the madrid and Barcelona you ran out of ideas in the output. Caught barca in front of Ter Stegen, the whites did not stop striking until Marcelo scored the goal that pulled the marker. Isco had won the bottom line and Pique not found a way to defend the brazilian, great both in the control as in the shot. And if he could not draw it was because doom was white. Ramos cabeceaba high, Modric cracked a ball in the stick and Benzema, also with the testa, he escaped the glory by inches.

A header superb

But Valverde, this time yes, corrected. He knew how to see the coach that it was time to take the risks that I was assuming the Real Madrid. Took out to the field to Semedo for a exhausted Rafinha, Sergi Roberto went up to the center of the field and, above all, Dembélé appeared for Coutinho to complete the bleeding.

Suarez pitching for a goal from beyond the penalty spot after assistance of Sergi Roberto. Ramos, in a grotesque mistake, lost after the ball to the barca squad for the uruguayan petted the ball over Courtois. Until Arturo Vidal, enabled by Dembélé, he found redemption and became the story of the classic with a fifth goal.

"morphine provides individuals with the characteristics of the plants." That's what I thought Burroughs when he wrote The lunch naked. That was what I discovered Lopetegui. Naked, anesthetized to the pain built up, and finally was killed by a giant, Barcelona showed no mercy whatsoever.

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Date Of Update: 29 October 2018, 07:01

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