A husband is suspected of murder: beating-yourself alarm to the emergency

it was half past six on the morning of the eleventh day of July, 2019, when a man from a small town outside of Karlskrona and set the alarm to the emergency.

A husband is suspected of murder: beating-yourself alarm to the emergency

it was half past six on the morning of the eleventh day of July, 2019, when a man from a small town outside of Karlskrona and set the alarm to the emergency.

”My wife may have smothered them,” he said.

they called on the man to initiate cardio - pulmonary resuscitation. He has followed the invitation and continued until the paramedics arrived to his address.

”You've done a great job in there,” said the operator, just before the man put the phone down.

Here are the parts of the larmsamtalet

the O in SOS. What has happened?

You: "My wife may have smothered him.

< O: What did you say? She did not air them?

You: no, No, she made a fool out of herself. < / span> O Breathe, is she?

You: No, I tried it.

* * *

O You have, in this way, she's going to be, so that you are able to put yourself in her chest is, and open it up, if she has any clothes on.

You: I'm going to try.

O, We have to help each other, and to help with the cpr. What is the name of your wife?

< U: XXX".

< O: BELOW. Etc. Woke up, you're out of the XXX summer?

You: No. I woke up when the alarm clock rang.

* * *

O: And so, the two inblås. Until they come out. You've unlocked the door, and then they will come and get in, but you have to continue all the way to the...

You: I'm here!

< O: Keep going until they come up to you,,, XXX,, where.

U: it Is you, who will? I found her out here in this...

HE: Come on, come on, come on,

< O: XXX! XXX! XXX and then I will end it here. You have done a great job. This is the end of the SOS.

to View merVisa mindreHade the cable ties round the neck
at the end larmsamtalet, it was only a few hours, and then began to suspicion being directed against her husband, herself. On the same day his wife was found lifeless in her bed was her husband arrested.

At first, the headings, attempt to murder, since the woman was still alive. She was treated at a hospital for a severe injury to his neck.

She had a fracture of the tungbenet and sköldbroskets in the upper right corner.

" if she was found, she was in the room at the same time. She had a tie around the neck, which subsequently led to her death, " says kammaråklagaren Malin Niklasson.

in Addition to the cable tie, was discovered in the bedroom of one of several blood stains, among other things, on the pillow, the mattress and bed sheets.

Sänglampan next to the woman's sleep and had damage to his dome.

" It came out as a suicidärende first, but then quite quickly there arose the suspicion that she has not done the damage himself. This was due to the course of action, " says Malin Niklasson, and to develop the following:

There was a trace of blood at the scene of the crime, which was svårförklarliga now, if it would be like to be a woman, it has done the damage to himself. Based on this, that the man was arrested.

the police investigation shows that the brottsutredarna, with the assistance of the agent, the Blue Star is found in the blood on a bedside table, a cloth and an en suite bathroom.
the Police closed the farm in the morning, after a woman was found lifeless. Photo by: < / b> " for a while WERNERSSON / LINSLUS PHOTO by: , the Alarm clock did not shut down
However, the husband denies the offence, which he has done since last summer.

"He has stated that he has done the damage," says Malin Niklasson.

The hearing has the husband said that he got up before his wife, the morning of the 11th of July. He claims he made coffee in the kitchen when he heard the alarm clock ringing in the bedroom, but the alarm did not shut down.

Odd, thought the husband, because his wife always was quick to shut off his alarm clock. He has stated in interviews that he went into the bedroom, and it was then that he saw his wife with a black ribbon around her neck.

She was lifeless, and he sounded the alarm to the emergency.

”Has to have an hypothesis”

The prosecutor Malin Niklassons to the lawsuit, which was filed at the Blekinge district court on Thursday, stated that it was a cable tie around the neck, and killed the woman.

the Husband is indicted for murder and has been remanded in custody since the 12th of July. The day after his wife's death. According to Malin Niklasson, there is a possible motive for the killing, but some of the details, she will not at the present time.

" I have a feeling that there is a possibility of motivbild to go with it. However, I'm not going to go into a closer look at it before we are in a trial and I am in my oral submissions. It is to be out of the witnesses, also, who will be asked questions on the subject. I don't want to be, " says Malin Niklasson.

" There are no witnesses to the actual event, but there is a witness who comes to the site in quite close proximity.

" no, No, it has been hypothesized (suicide or homicide) and there has not been any other investigation.

the Trial is scheduled to start on the ninth of march, and is expected to last for nine days.

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Date Of Update: 28 February 2020, 06:00

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