A new light on the murder of Zaida Catalán

Zaida Catalán+ FÖLJNytt new light on the murder of the whole thing was great CatalánHynek London: Staffan lindberg's book provides a vital insight into what sh

A new light on the murder of Zaida Catalán
Zaida Catalán+ FÖLJNytt new light on the murder of the whole thing was great CatalánHynek London: Staffan lindberg's book provides a vital insight into what she was doing, and the risk of the avHynek London.

Photo: TTSvenska the united nations expert on the whole thing was great the Mountains, were murdered in the democratic republic of the Congo in 2017.Book reviews in there Is the connection between this year's nobel Prize in chemistry, and the murder of the Zaida Catalán: ? At least, that is one of the ways to read the utrikesjournalisten it's Staffan lindberg's , a new book about the united nations, the expert and the Congo-she was.

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< a href="_2ZkCB When it's in march, 2017 on the other, it became clear that the English, who had gone missing during a mission in the democratic republic of the Congo, was the Easy Mountains, shrugged, many of her visitors. The mountains were ungdomspolitikern, we looked to make the meteoric career of a personfixerad period of time. Her dedication to animal rights, or gender equality in the World, and the city seemed to be always larger than that of the party. Maybe it's not so strange that she was around in 2010 and disappeared from the public when she failed to get into Parliament. & nbsp;
The greater was the shock when the shallow grave was found, and one infamous video of the murder was spread by the congolese authorities.

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”the Murder of the whole thing was great the Mountains” , published just weeks after that of sweden, uppdrag granskning, has won two international awards for the united nations, and the cover-up”. The episode, which was broadcast in autumn last year, revealed the likely reasons behind the murder and who was responsible. I guess I'm not the only one to feel the time of writing, the journalist is going with his book, when everything seems to be told.

< a href="_2ZkCB, and It doesn't take many pages before I realize my mistake.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> From the personal to the political, providing She is not only a more complete picture of the whole thing was great Mountains, and her united nations work, the whole thing was great the Mountains is going well with the new framgrävda information about what was happening.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> The kvällstidningsjournalistens effectiveness of the planning it was great how the Mountains are formed. From early childhood on, with the green wave, the mother and the father who had escaped the torment of the Pinochet santiago, Chile. It's early activism, and heart issues. And, thus, the reasons to seek the mandate of the world's most dangerous countries: in 2011, she appears for the first time in the democratic republic of the Congo, and the training of police officers in the work against sexual violence.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> the beginning it's all I have of the way She writes them and their krigserfarenheter in the book. Soon, however, it is the call home to the anxious wife and a note from the blöjshopping at the store, where he intends, on the one rebel group that it is hard communicated: why are people drawn to the conflict, and how the one that is closer to the danger zone may be less worried about it. The adrenaline, or because he has been busy trying to solve the practicalities of such areas is made up of. Bribes, contacts, vehicle and everything that is Here on the number of trips to africa have to take care of each Cataláns life.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> but Without losing the sense of the small world in the meetings with the Cataláns mother, and his sister, who is still with the intolerable issues on the island, when She widens the circle and explain to the UN expert, ”everyday life,” according to the republic of the Congo Kinshasa, the history and the present book will be indispensable.

< a href="_3mRIX" data-test-id="text" data-component-key="text"> as with many other african war reduced the conflict to ”ethnic -”, this ruled out the possibility of economic motives.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> < Utrikesjournalisten know. , it is the lack of a simple narrative that allows the Congo, despite the recruitment of child soldiers, and mass rapes, don't get a foothold in the headlines. It doesn't matter if the world's largest UN mission is right here. For a country to have no ICE – man, countless militias and for the new to emerge in an area the size of Western europe.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> the Wars have cost the lives of six million people. The problem is not just the scale, but it is regarded as a natural disaster. In common with many other african war reduced the conflict to that of ”ethnic,” as if that ruled out the possibility of the economic subject.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> So, where witch doctors are used by the militia, and the 46 the little girls are systematically raped in a village to draw journalists to your ears for them. The mountains, tried to put the mep, who was responsible for what she did, was one of the most. The power in a region where the natural wealth since the colonial era, have been working on.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> a a great piece of Murder in the Easy Mountains, where She is writing this as a figure of speech. He describes the beauty on the lake kivu, one of the world's most dangerous beaches. The methane gas at depth can be made to explode, drowning out the people. However, with the right techniques, it can also be obtained. So, the Congo supplied the ivory, zinc, oil, rubber, uranium, gold and diamonds, in a horribly exploitative, who had left the country poverty-stricken and ravaged.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> In the day's supply of cobalt. A component of the lithium-ion battery, which was awarded this year's nobel Prize in chemistry. The drc has 64% of world production. The mining operations in the town of Kolwezi, which She is visiting, is key to Apple, Tesla and elsparkscykelbolag, but involving a child and a chinese settlement. It is horrible to read. And, of course, there was also this industry is among the things which the Mountains took a closer look at.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> it's probably because of the perspective that She lifts the national heroes of the Mountains, he cooperated with the doctor and Denis Mukwege. , who last year was awarded the Nobel peace prize laureate, the chief of police, David Bodeli and the other does not diminish the book's main character. On the contrary, it is what you have to understand the magnitude of what she was doing. And the risk of. Zaida Catalán, was only 36 years old when she was shot in the back and had the neck cut off.

< a href="_2ZkCB" You dare, well, not to speak of a trend. However, the Murder of Zaida Catalán, is the autumn's other non-fiction book that provides a perspective on the democratic republic of the Congo.

Harald Hultqvist , who is a friend of mine) has written a Letter, from the Congo, which is a personal travel diary from the congo river, but gets to the hard life in the depths.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> For all interested, we are able to get. So the spotlight is very much on the Nobelpodiet, and the swedes, who are risking their lives for a better world – that is, on those who, in appalling conditions to dig up the time to the oil.

< a href="_2ZkCB"> Staffan Lindberg is a journalist for the newspaper Aftonbladet, therefore, the review of the book by Hynek Pallas, a critic of Expressen and Göteborgs-Posten.

Date Of Update: 27 October 2019, 12:48