A rule will stop the hospital from a is to help each other

the Express was able to uncover on alerts trade associations-pharmaceutical industry and the Swedish Apoteksförening about the risk to suffer from a shortage of

A rule will stop the hospital from a is to help each other

the Express was able to uncover on alerts trade associations-pharmaceutical industry and the Swedish Apoteksförening about the risk to suffer from a shortage of medicines as a result of the new infection covid-19.

the Company that manufactures the drug, is often influenced by the ingredients that are produced in China and India, both of the active substances as well as stödingredienser as a binding agent. China is the dominant producer of all the substances in many common drugs, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, penicillin, and heparin. The same thing with India, which, in the long term, imposed restrictions on the export of the 26 ingredients are used, including antibiotics such as metronidazole, and the anti-viral medication aciclovir.

the Last in line to be one of the major suppliers are Germany, which on Thursday decided to put restrictions on the export of some of the prices.

" this Outbreak has a great impact on both the production in the factories and in the supply. With the trend we are seeing, it is quite likely to be a shortage. However, we do not know for what or for whom medicinal products that may be in force, when and to what extent, " said Johan Andersson, head of unit for pharmaceuticals in the operation of the Agency.

so Far, the Fda has not received any notification from pharmaceutical companies when the current or the next läkemedelsbrist which is caused by the new epidemic in the world, whether in italy or in Europe.
To the list of drugs at risk

the Us food and drug administration, the FDA has listed the 20 drugs, the risk of shortage. The Swedish medical products agency is analyzing right now is what are the drugs on the Swedish market, which is in the danger zone. What are the substances, the agency has identified so far, like james smith, not the state.

" We are reviewing the situation to, among other things, the ingredients of which come from China and India. However, it is not easy to predict. The pharmaceutical industry is a global one and that the production is a complex one, " says Johan Andersson.

Depending on the medications that are affected, the stocks could be cleared in a couple of days to a few weeks. If the swedes start to hoard medicines, it can aggravate the shortage.

in Order to improve the availability of medicines to investigate the the medical products where shelf life can be extended for the drug. Will usually ship drugs whose expiry date will expire in six months, to the destruction of the.

" We're investigating whether we can put an end to such tillbakaskick, and the use of the drugs for longer than that.
No one knows how much of the drugs that are and each , But no agency or organization has complete visibility and transparency of the pharmaceutical products that are in stock and where. How is this going to be resolved one of the issues that were discussed at a meeting of the ministry of health have had with the pharmaceutical industry in canada.

" the industry has been calling for such a strong and central leadership. In the old apoteksmonopoltiden, it was the drugs, which is in stock and where, " says Bengt Mattson, an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, LIF.

According to Bengt Mattson, there is a fresh example of the fact that it's been reported in the absence of a drug in one part of the country, such as vancomycin, however, is that the medication been in storage in a different region.

" It was never a real shortage. Therefore there is a need for greater transparency in lagerstatusen, " says Bengt Mattson.

the Swedish government, and the regions need to work together to prepare for a shortage. And now it is in much of a hurry, " points out Bob Mattson.

" What is needed is a central authority that will redirect the drug in emergency situations, and may also prioritize among the different types of patients.

" Someone has to hold the baton. We can't have 21 different regions are fighting on the drug, and how it is used.
Hospitals must not help each other out with drugs,
despite the fact that experts call for cooperation to stop the Swedish laws, regulations and the terms of trade and purchasing in hospitals and in different regions from each other. Monica, Lidberg, managing director of the Swedish medical products Agency's area of activity state, said that there is no legal transfer of drugs from region to region. Each region is a separate authority to manage their own contracts and have their own contracts, and have purchased the drug at a different rate.

Therefore, the regions did not send the drug across the length and breadth, " says Bengt Mattson.

the Swedish national Board of health has in the past stated their readiness for the faint of the day. It has a little bit of drugs and equipment in stock.

Materielkrisen in connection with the Apotekstjänst problems last year were a wake-up call for the region, according to Johanna Sandwall, krisberedskapschef of the Swedish national Board of health. Now the works of the authority for a new assessment of the current situation of health care emergency preparedness.

" What is needed is more robust storage solution. It is different from region to region, but, in my opinion, is that it's starting to get better.

the states would have to help each other out with drugs, it will have to be eliminated, according to Johanna Sandwall.

" If there is an emergency situation exists, the law on extraordinary events). It is possible, of course, to solve an emergency situation, whether it be drugs, or skyddsmateriel. I'm not worried about that, it doesn't work.

According to the health and Welfare, Johanna Sandwall, it may be the case with the national guidelines for medical care to treat the infected, however, no such decision has yet been taken.
So, to work the national Board of health, in order to avoid a läkemedelsbrist:Johanna Sandwall, krisberedskapschef of the Swedish national Board of health, tells about how the Board works, in order to avoid a läkemedelsbrist.

Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 20:00

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