A total of unconscionable that he is being denied coronatest

we Are facing the worst threat in more than a hundred years from now? How many people actually know that the Spanish flu caused the highest number of deaths out

A total of unconscionable that he is being denied coronatest

we Are facing the worst threat in more than a hundred years from now? How many people actually know that the Spanish flu caused the highest number of deaths out of all of the evils that happened in the 1900's? It took more than that to the fallen soldiers of both world wars put together.

in fact, I am scared to death of what this could be, and it's not the fear of the smaller of the authorities in the awkward and contradictory response.

Sweden is a country in which it is shot, and blown up by an unprecedented magnitude. It's scary to see how the guess-and powerless we are in face of this threat. So what is it that is said to be in a country that is not capable of vardagskriminalitet would be able to do a major virus threats?
so my concern has grown rapidly
At the end of January, I saw a short film on Linkedin is. It showed how the dead people were in the halls of a crowded hospital emergency department, somewhere in China. The centre, which was debated was whether the movie was true, and it doesn't do what it conveyed. My conclusion is that, if it were true, then we should be worried about. Shortly thereafter, they picked on the chinese censorship removed the video from social media sites. I knew right then that we should really be worried about.

since Then, the English authorities, and, at times, with a madman's persistence, it refers to the knowledge of it to China. Knowledge is one whose veracity should be called into question.

now, As we begin to learn a bit more transparent european countries such as Italy, it suddenly became clear that we need to be more vigilant. However, it may already be too late, and if so, how will it all end?
Why being tested is not my son.

a few days ago, my son suddenly in a 40-degree fever, a sore body, and a dry cough. He has been overseas, has been vaccinated against the flu, and the education for which he is a part of the people who have ties to both Italy and Iran. He didn't have the strength to call 1177, and the one I like the vårdutbildad did not want to influence the conversation, I asked my daughter to make for him. For more than 40 minutes of waiting, she got to talk to a person who I felt was very ignorant, on the verge of get confused when she is asked the same questions multiple times. It all ended up that he was not, of course, would be to the corona, as he had not been abroad. With such a simplistic approach, we are also about to have the virus is really widespread.

< Enfalden at 1177

We have already had a bad preparation in the form of a lack of provtagningsresurser, a shortage of health care professionals, our classical naivete, and a former general in the acquisition of knowledge, from the one end of the country. Must 1177 to be occupied by the simple-minded operators that are only able to act according to his directives? This is the Stefan I urge the us to call when we are troubled, and it is here that we get to that, we pay the worlds highest taxes. Poor health care in as bad condition.

as Soon as possible, it is not possible to provide protective gear to health care professionals, or others, as the vast majority of the world's masks, clothing, gloves, etc, made in China. In a country that is officially more than 100 000 people infected, according to NASA's satellite imagery has completely shut down.
don't Believe that people don't understand
of course, I hope that I am wrong in my fears for a corona, but I am afraid, quite simply, nothing other than being scared to death when I put together all of the reports that the authorities are trying to tone it down, or tries to pretend to be less supportive don't know. This is why I basically take care of the childish, and manipulative authority that I'm scared of the lounge.

But for now I'm going to go in each and every case, and the ones food for at least a month, the demands in power stations, I have a number of unexplained power outages and the well is a sense of security despite the fact that municipal water is.

the World's highest taxes, I unfortunately also have to pay, naive as I am. < / span> < / span>

as a Registered nurse with 30 years of experience in emergency medical services, ambulance services and other emergency services.

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 17:00

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