Add slöjförbudet, SD, you are not above the law

The Prince like he had to force the principals to break the law, and to prevent the students from being aware of their constitutional rights. It is time for the

Add slöjförbudet, SD, you are not above the law

The Prince like he had to force the principals to break the law, and to prevent the students from being aware of their constitutional rights. It is time for the government to take action in order to emphasize points and maintain-both head teachers 'and students' rights.

It all began with the much more the city council in december, the students of the schools are no longer allowed to have a plain veil, the hijab, in and of itself. The proposal, which was put forward by The assistance of the moderate party, and the local Skurupspartiet.

the Ban has raised very strong feelings in many people. The demonstrations have been against the ban at the same time, there are many people who approve of the proposal. In practice, the decision on the slöjförbud has led to even more and more are now wearing the veil in school. In their pure states.

Contrary to the freedom of religion

the Swedish national agency for Education has stated that a slöjförbud is contrary to the freedom of religion. A right that is guaranteed in the Swedish constitution. This means that it will be illegal to carry out the slöjförbudet. Therefore, the head teacher of the much more major the school of the Prästamosseskolan, refused to impose the slöjförbud. Which is an entirely correct decision under the law. However, for The seems, the law is not of particular importance.

For now, the head teacher has been subjected to pressure from the city council. The management has been called to the principal before the slöjförbudet, no matter what. And, most recently, the school principal had to take away the information that he shared to the students that the Agency considers to be a slöjförbud in violation of the law. Both the Research chair in the school, and the utbildningsberedningen as well as the Swedish vice-chairman of the board has called for silence from the officials and that the decision is carried out regardless of what the law says.

was Ordered to take down the article, the

and What the chancellor has done is to divide up an article on the school's own channel. The article revealed that the national agency for Education has said that the ban on religious symbols, like the veil, are contrary to the freedom of religion.

However, the local authorities ordered the school principal to take down the article. From a Swedish policy-makers, was the comment that the principal had to organize themselves politically and if he wanted to say.

Lokalpolitikerna to think of themselves as above the law, and to pressure the local government employees, to knowingly carry out a decision that is contrary to the law. At the same time, the attempt to silence criticism. It is similar to the diktaturfasoner.

< SD is in violation of the law – once again
this is not The first time that a politician in the Prince of Sverigedemokrater in the forefront, choosing to challenge the law. Even as late as the spring of 2019 resulted in three of the politicians themselves, was reported to the police for the false statements. Obviously, you want to know more about the consequences of breaking the law.

As a member of the committee for education of the respective representatives of The party, we want to stress how important it is to both the students and the skolpersonals rights are protected. Therefore, a query is sent to the minister for education, Anna Ekström (S), in order to ensure that the staff as well as students ' rights should be clarified, and enforced, in all Swedish municipalities.

< SD the Prince simply has to bite the bullet,
it's really quite a matter of course. Local government employees must adhere to a political decision and act on it, but the law is the individual decision of the city council. The principals, who are complying with the law, shall not, under pressure from the local politicians want to break it. And the students have a democratic right to be informed about the laws and regulations that affect them.

It's as simple as that. And that is not a municipality, may dribble away, no matter who is controlling it. He had the Prince simply has to accept the fact that they are all over the place. < / span> < / span>

(C)-the member of parliament for Malmö, and education.

the Chairman of the Cuf,

the District Cuf Skåne, sweden.

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Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 07:00

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