After the election in the UK: The BBC's between the lines

The Conservatives want to boycott the BBC and the Labour Party is mad at the station, because they lost the election. Boris Johnson before his BBC appearance

After the election in the UK: The BBC's between the lines

The Conservatives want to boycott the BBC and the Labour Party is mad at the station, because they lost the election.

Boris Johnson before his BBC appearance on the Andrew Marr Show in September 2019 photo: PA Wire/Stefan Rousseau

BERLIN taz | In the UK, threshing, ten days after the lower house election, the victorious Conservative, as the off-lubricated Labour Party loudly on the BBC one. That after an election, both the winner and the loser on the media are pissed, is old hat. In General, something is considered proof that the media have done everything right and no political direction preferred. However, for the system of public broadcasting in Brexit Britain is a rather weak consolation. Because the BBC is clearly on the tag-list of Boris Johnson and his Top advisers, Dominic Cummings, the deepest contempt for this British Institution is said to have.

announcements leave nothing to be desired: Johnson and his Ministers will boycott on Cummings' command, until Further notice, the "Today programme" BBC Radio 4. This requires as with the "politics in the Morning", to some extent, the political Agenda in a (still) United Kingdom. But the Tories were here last a little bit too much on the Tooth felt in regards to the promise of your exaggerated choice.

And then the BBC had TV-blood dog Andrew Neil live on his show, Boris Johnson added. Only because of the hard-hitting Interviewer had decomposed in the planned Tête-à-Tête with Neil pinched, after all the other top candidates, and particularly labour's Jeremy Corbyn. Of Corbyns "car-crash interview" was read afterwards – and Labour has since been on the BBC also pissed off.

Dominic Cummings, is a political adviser to Boris Johnson photo: ap/Kristy Wigglesworth

Johnson had been casually dropped, that you could think about the financing of the BBC. Although he was planning "for the moment, no abolition of the licence fee, but let us look at the certainly right," had the Premier on 9. To December, at a campaign appearance in the North of England Protocol. Its culture and media Minister Nicky Morgan had already explained in October that it was for a rebuild of the BBC to a subscription fees by following the example of Netflix open.

Now Nicky Morgan had actually said before the election that she wanted to assign as the Minister and deputies to spend more time with your family. She no longer sits in the British house of Commons. Media Minister of Johnson's grace it still remains – for the time being. It has ennobled Morgan just a short time, and so entitled to seat in House of Lords, you can stay in the Cabinet. Just Talk to the house of Commons or of the questions from members are answered in there, because "Peers" are not allowed to Talk there.

As this results in no sense, is expected in London that Morgan out of the EU in the planned Cabinet tag will be replaced at the beginning of February. And certainly not by a BBC-friendly Person.

that fits in the party program of the victory of the Conservatives barely enough statements to the media policy and is not to be found even on the BBC are: As in his highly selective interaction with the media in the election campaign of the learned scandal journalist Johnson is open all the options. Although the BBC as a "total work of art is secured" until 2027 by its "Royal Charter".

However, could change, and before that, there are plenty of mechanisms to exert pressure on the transmitter: in 2022, the Parliament decides, in the Johnsons Tories an overwhelming majority have, for example, about the future level of the licence fee.

in addition, Johnson is reviewing whether fees objectors in the future, gentle to touch. Who pays so far, the "Licence Fee", commits an Offence. This Drohpotenzial should be abolished, the BBC up to £ 200 million in fees default in the year.

in addition, you should apply from 2020, the costs for the liberation of all people over 75 of the fee. This half a billion paid so far by the state.

Now, the Labour Party was always a reliable defender of the BBC and its values. But now, Andy McDonald, a member in Corbyns shadow Cabinet is addressed, the BBC also hard. You have contributed "their share to the performance of the Labour Party in the elections". You know so far, actually, only the right-wing British Newspapers, so McDonald. After the natural ally of the sounds.

Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 10:31

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