Åkessons the first word of the post-Turkey-drama

the SD leader Jimmie Åkesson went on a few days ago, the Turkish-Greek border in order to ”form an independent opinion about the situation and to warn the refug

Åkessons the first word of the post-Turkey-drama

the SD leader Jimmie Åkesson went on a few days ago, the Turkish-Greek border in order to ”form an independent opinion about the situation and to warn the refugees that want to come to Sweden.

With him was a leaflet with the slogan ”Sweden is in full swing”, which would be handed out at the border.

He was never really all the way up to the border and has been criticised for being a bit of a trip.

" I am, and all of the party doing the study. This is a question that I and my party are committed to, and will not be disappointed. We have the potential of 2015-a situation, it is not unreasonable that I go there and form an opinion. It is not in the least bit controversial. This is a publicity stunt by the media, " says Jimmie Åkesson.

" I think you have to be careful with what information you trust, for there is a propaganda war. I have not seen any of the children go without shoes. I have seen that the government officials in Turkey, with food and water to those who need it.

" But this is a humanitarian disaster in many ways. That is why it is so important that we help Greece, to assess their border security so as to be able to handle the situation with dignity.

" It's just that you should try to avoid, to take up arms, and that sort of thing, but it's important to be able to size up its border security so as to make it possible. It's not an easy situation on the Turkish side of the buses, people at the border, and put the thousands of police officers, in order to push people to the border of greece.

" There is no one worthy of the position, but the alternative is to open the borders and let in all of Europe, is not an option. Now is the time to make sure that you measure the size of the checkpoint, so that it can be. The people who are on the run, to help in the local area, we target the resources to go there.
the SD-controller of drama at the airport
As a SD leader on Friday to go back home to Sweden, in company with the chief of staff, Mikael Eriksson and came to a stop at the airport in Istanbul, turkey.

" I got into a taxi, and when I was on my way to the check-in, I was surrounded by three men who pretended to be police officers. They asked me to come to a polisrum.

it was party leader's conclusion on the purpose of your trip. According to Åkesson wanted to, he could sign a piece of paper: A document stating that he was not welcome to return to Turkey. However, he refused to sign it.

" It was a form of the language, and I'm not going to sign anything that I don't even know.

In the course of this he discovered that the bag was gone.

" My suspicion is that they borrowed it from me in the scuffle that ensued.

After a one-and-a-half hour, however, he had the back of the bag, and then said that he had forgotten it in the taxi.

" That may be so, but it all feels like a foregone conclusion, he says.

Åkesson: 'Turkey is an islamist dictatorship, the new york first claimed presschefen of the Day, Henrik Gustafsson, that Jimmie Åkesson had been arrested at the airport, and it was a big news story in all major media. Later it was denied that the party, and there was a discussion about whether or not you can trust and rely on, the party's press office.

Jimmie Åkesson says that he does not know how a lot of the discussions went to.

" we are in the information from the Turkish media.

at the same time, he claims that he was given custody of the police.

" I don't know what to call it. However, I was not a volunteer with the police department for three-and-a-half hours. I felt like I was in detention.

it also meant that he missed his flight to Copenhagen, and had to take a later flight.

Jimmie Åkesson says that he was all alone at the airport because the Police had concluded that he did not have any guards on the trip.

He had been in contact with the Police after returning home and when he was told that the agency has been informed about the fact that he would be thrown out the evening before.

" I think you are going to do. Turkey is considered to an islamic dictatorship.

He calls on the government representatives to end up as a mockery.

" You mock me, and, indirectly, states that Turkey has acted in the right. So far, so you should not have to go. We should be united, in Sweden, of the fact that Turkey is a state, which is problematic in a number of ways.

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Date Of Update: 07 March 2020, 11:00

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