Alarm: Lack of info on the corona to other languages

the Journalists have released press briefing with the new information about the on-going pandemic. Colds a child should, in some municipalities, such as Stockho

Alarm: Lack of info on the corona to other languages

the Journalists have released press briefing with the new information about the on-going pandemic. Colds a child should, in some municipalities, such as Stockholm and Sollentuna, north of stockholm, stay at home, from pre-schools and schools. You need to be aware of symptoms such as cough, fever, and respiratory problems.

On Wednesday, the Sweden had its first fatality as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus.

However, the official information is mostly in Swedish and in English. The Swedish newspaper expressen's review, it appears that the information about covid-19 lack, or are deficient in the use of languages other than English, and the English language.

Worried about looking to other channels, such as Facebook, and in some areas, the local mosque, or daytime activities for the elderly.

" Everyone is worried about. It is difficult for the society to get them. So, it is up to us to try to educate and inform, " says Rosa, Kasskawo, who works at the Syrian riksförbundets äldreverksamhet of the Arabic-speaking senior citizens.
”the Authorities should take their responsibilities,” said the Pink Kasskawo of the Syrian Riksförbundets äldreverksamhet in Seattle.Photo by: < / b>, Cecilia Anderberg, < / span>

"yes and no".

" Yes, it is good that we support the community. At the same time, so it will be hard for us, the government should take its responsibility, said the Pink Kassakawo.

the Major gaps in information in other languages
the most commonly used information channels to opt out of the use of languages other than English, and the English language.

In the Folkhälsomyndighetens your own web page to find the English information was translated into the English language. However, in languages such as Arabic, dari, somali, farsi, and other languages are available only as a pdf file, which is named ”information for passengers” as well as an information sheet on how to wash your hands.

the Region of Stockholm, sweden, refers to the non-speaking, to translate the information on the page using Google Translate. The Region of Stockholm, writes on their website that they don't take responsibility for it then to be properly.

the Region of Värmland, with more people infected, has the information only in English.

Certain of the municipalities in the affected regions for just a information, such as henley-on-thames. Most of the links are to the Folkhälsomyndighetens the English-language site about the coronavirus.

In the Folkhälsomyndighetens page you will find only the ”information to travelers” on the use of languages other than English, and the English language.

Contact 1177.please see the links to the Folkhälsomyndighetens the site, which has been translated into the English language. Who's calling 1177 are greeted by a voice, which said, ”For health care advice in other languages, please press four. When you press four, you get three options, go on to the sjukvårdupplysning by an interpreter in Arabic, somali, or east.

in calls to the national this number appears 11313 missing the option to receive information in a language other than English.

a Troubled time in this World to turn to the mosque
by the Swedish authorities, the shortcomings in the dissemination of information, it turns out the troubled legacy of the World outside of Stockholm, sweden, in the place of the mosque of information about the corona virus.

" There is a lot of concern about that now. People are mixing up the corona, and the flu. Those who do not understand English, which is worried about the virus, calling to us, " says Hussein Farah, an imam at the Islamic Cultural Centers, Mosques in the World.

The mosque had been at the weekend, an information meeting with a doctor who is informed on the coronavirus.

in the World on the Square.Photo by: < / b> JANERIK HENRIKSSON/TT / TT NEWS agency

the Friday prayer is scheduled to take place in the usual manner, to the mosque, have asked people with colds, or coughs to stay home.

" We don't want to scare people off, but some people are concerned about. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it's not going to be like that in other countries, " says the imam.

at the same time, says Mohammed Adde, safety officer, and a person to contact for the same to the mosque, he asked the county council if they are able to get a disinfectant. But he's got no for an answer.

the Mosque was not set up, some of the information about the current pandemic.

" We don't have it. It would have been great if we would have received the prevention from the county council. However, we don't have it. There is a gap. If you were able to go and get it, I would have done it, " says Mohammed Adde.

”I Think for those who do not come here”
In the Syrian riksförbundets daily activities of the older, Arabic-speaking of Seattle, it has every day for the past couple of weeks, translated, and communicated to its visitors, if you coronautbrottet and regulatory guidelines.

Many people that come here are illiterate and speak little or no English.

But in the last couple of days have been fewer and fewer people showed up, and they are planning to close the business next week, because of the risk of cross-contamination. They are responsible, are concerned about how the elderly will be able to be reached by the information.

" It's not an easy one for this group, since most of them are illiterate and do not speak the language, said Elizabet Toutoungi, who is responsible for the daily activities of the older, Arabic-speaking Syrian federation.
Elizabet Toutoungi, is responsible for the daily activities of the older, Arabic-speaking Syrian Federation.Photo by: < / b>, Cecilia Anderberg,

the Concern is widespread among the elderly, who are at risk to be hit by the coronavirus.

" They're very, very concerned about, because they are not able to keep up with it, and get up to date information. They are very, very worried indeed, and they don't know how to deal with it if it's going to happen, or if they feel bad, " says Toutoungi when the Gp see her in Seattle.

" the Big risk actually. I've been thinking about those who are not here, who do not have this information, and how to deal with it. It is not easy for them, " she says.
”It is, of course, for a Swedish authority,”
Anders Wallensten, the assistant statsepidemiolog the Folkhälsomyndigheten, saying that they are trying to have a lot of good information on the website, since it reaches the largest number of people.

The information that is the most important thing we look for is to translate it so that it can reach out to them as well. However, it is clear that there is a Swedish government agency, and the vast majority of the information is in Swedish, Anders Wallensten.

" We're also trying, with the help of our smartphones to make sure that we are using a language that is clear and easy to understand. We are very eager to get out the correct message, so it's something we're working very hard, " says Folkhälsomyndighetens assistant statsepidemiolog, Anders Wallensten.

Ta Alexandersson, deputy krisberedskapschef by the Swedish national Board of health, stating that they are trying to reach as many people as possible through the conferences. & nbsp;
& nbsp;
– I am of the opinion that we are available to you with the information that is relevant, " she says.

" I hope that we will become better and better at it, and I hope that all of the agencies have become better and better at it. I know that Folkhälsomyndigheten, 1177, and we are working on that will be available. As soon as we get the message that we are not, we must, of course, adapt to, and take it out.

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Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 15:00

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