American football players are being accused, for the new lie

in 2017, as it began to rampage around the Alieu Darbo. Until then, it's been pretty quiet about the talent that is left in Jönköping, in order to be ungdomspr

American football players are being accused, for the new lie

in 2017, as it began to rampage around the Alieu Darbo. Until then, it's been pretty quiet about the talent that is left in Jönköping, in order to be ungdomsproffs, in French, at Le Mans in 2009.

the newspaper Aftonbladet made an examination of the Darbo, where there was a number of strange things.

He had turned up in the clubs such as Dinamo Zagreb, Levante beach, and Crotone. However, several of them had been attracted to him after receiving the fake letter, sent to him, turned to the magazine's review.

It came in the recommendations of the Bayern scout Bjorn Andersson, who was, in fact, was not with him. It's got fake promises from the City's sporting director, Michael Zorc, that they would buy up the to him at a later date, if only he had a chance in the clubs. And there were the videos that were claimed to imagine Darbo, when, in reality, there was a Cameroonian national team player Paul-Georges Ntep, who appeared in the photos.

Alieu Darbo was referred to as both ”deceiver” and ”the bluffspelare” in the Swedish investigation.

But he denied all the allegations.

" I am extremely disappointed about all of this with a fake e-mail, and video. This is not the case, it's just a bullshit, he said Darbo, in an interview with the SportExpressen 2017 at the latest.
Darbo ready for a new one?

since Then, it has been quiet on the Alieu Darbo. He has been without a club for more than three years of age. But for now, it is said, therefore, that Darbo has written to the Al-Bidda uk, in The andraliga.

He talks about the move in an interview with the gambian QTV Sports is the News, which was published on the 24th of February.

" Everything has gone very smoothly and I am happy to be here. It was a very good deal, economically speaking. I will secure the future for both myself and for my children, " says Darbo, who is a national of both the Gambia and the uk.

Also, on Instagram he says that he is done for the Al-Bidda. The same information is now also available in the well known web sites such as Wikipedia, Transfermarkt and Soccerway.

to solve the Problem? It doesn't seem correct.

this Transition should have occurred by 1 January 2020, but there is no trace of Alieu Darbo-Al-Biddas official channels. The club publishes frequently in the pictures and videos from both training sessions and matches, however, Darbo appear out of nowhere.

the SportExpressen has also been in contact with several people in the club who is the sovereign of the universe! when we mention the name of Alieu Darbo.

" Alieu Darbo? No, I don't know who it is, " says the goalkeeper, Mame Diop.

" He isn't here. We do not have any players named Alieu Darbo, " says the coach, The Salahiddine, which can reasonably be expected to know if he's got a new player in January. A SCAM? Alieu Darbo talks in the gambian tv that he's done for the Al-Bidda uk, in The andraliga. However, this does not seem correct. ”He isn't here,” said the club's coach, Sami Salahiddine.Photo by: < / b> QTV Sports News. . ”Perhaps, don't do this,
Alieu Darbo has not himself had a keen interest in the setting-up of an interview, when the SportExpressen has made contact with him, despite the fact that the issue is just the last few years, and the new adventure that awaits in the Al-Bidda.

”the Last few years have been a living hell. However, I do have a strong faith in God. Been accused of many things that are not true. I don't want to have a say in the media, and because of it all, and made a mistake,” he writes in a direct message on Instagram.

and Then it tells SportExpressen to be a coach and a player at Al-Bidda don't even know who he is. And you ask if it is really true that he's done for the club.

the Answer is unexpected:

”No, no comment. Might not be true after all.”

Shortly after taking Alieu Darbo set the text of Al-Bidda, from her Instagram account.

UPDATE: After SportExpressens publication belongs Darbo, and says that he is going to play for the club in the future.

" I'm going to come back in the summer. It is, of course, " he said.

the FACTS: Alieu Darbo

183 cm).

the 72-kg).

Angered, Sweden.

in Sweden, the Gambia.

as an Offensive midfielder.

from 2006 to 2009 Jönköping, Sweden (in the statistical absence.

from 2009 to 2012 in Le Mans, France, the statistical do not exist).

in 2013, fc Dinamo, Zagreb, Croatia, (0 games, 0 goals).

in 2015, Mosta,, Malta (5 appearances, 0 goals).

in 2015, MC Oran, Algeria, (0 games, 0 goals)

in 2016, the Ittihad of Alexandria, Egypt (3 appearances, 0 goals).

in 2016, the Naxxar Lions, in Malta (5 appearances, 0 goals).

in 2017, the CA Bizertin, Tunisia, (0 games, 0 goals),

• Stated that he was ready for the September, 2012, and posed with the team's jersey. Finally joined the club, out for yourself, and I know that Darbo would have signed for them.

Presented for Crotone in the Serie B in 2014 and received the shirt number 10. However, after only a day, was torn down in the contract. According to Some review, it had to Crotone, then, the discovery that a fake email had been sent at the date of transition.

the people of the Norwegian Nybergsund in 2015, but the contract was torn down after only two weeks, as the club felt they got scammed. Darbo was nowhere near as good as his credentials, and videos to said.

to View merVisa off
Alieu Darbo was rejected by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: ”Was turned away.”

as a Lawyer concerning the Darbo: ”Clean and bold " I've warned them.”

Date Of Update: 08 March 2020, 07:00

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