Anna DahlbergFyra years, Trump would be a nightmare

Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the She DahlbergFölj Supertisdagen on the 3rd of march is just around the corner - is the single most important day o

Anna DahlbergFyra years, Trump would be a nightmare
Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
She DahlbergFölj
Supertisdagen on the 3rd of march is just around the corner - is the single most important day of the election, during the whole of the primärvalssäsongen, since so many delegates are at stake. The concept was created by the democratic party in 1988, in order to increase the chance to identify with a winning mittenkandidat for the election of the president.

However, in view of the weakness of the formation on the democratic side, there is much to be Donald Trump will be sitting in the White house for four more years - especially if he was pitted against the socialist, Bernie Sanders, on the day of the election. In between the two extremes, choosing the american electorate is probably the one candidate who at least gives the economic growth rate.

The pessimistic interpretation is that which he is, on the contrary, you will feel the strengthening of the valvinsten, and to live out his foreign policy instincts, but some of the remaining limits. The circuit was composed of the loyal yes-man, - those which either have been fired or have had the courage to stay away from his administration.

The american leadership is on the verge of collapse
This is really bad news for Europe - and for AMERICA's allies in other parts of the world. A term of office of The can be regarded as a departure from AMERICA's traditional role in the world. Two of the terms will result in damage that is difficult to repair.

The american leadership in the world is on the verge of collapse. The embodiment of the brand with other values than the ones that american families tend to be in order. At home, on the lie, he is well-known, and the calls of the media of the people's enemies. Out there in the world, pays tribute to he is the north Korean dictator, while at the same insult to democracies, and calling Germany a ”very bad thing” as well as the claims of the inuit.

the ”America first”doctrine also implies that the US does not believe in multilateralism. The united states has pulled out of the paris peace agreement, Iranavtalet, as well as the free trade agreement in the Pacific region (TPP). For the first time in the modern era, the united states has a president who is anti-UNION. Trump is pleased to Brexit, and pays tribute to Hungary's Viktor Orban who is said to have done a great job.”
Trump has created uncertainty as to the future of Nato
What concerns me the most in the years to come, the united states, under The do not see the value of strong alliances. In order to be effective: Survive the Nato for four years with Trump in the White house? It may seem to be too alarmistisk the case, however, it is more and more in Europe.

Trump's defense, I have to say that the united states has stepped up its försvarssatsningar in Europe in 2017, so the image is not black-and-white. However, the fact that the united states and Europe are drifting apart at an increasing number of areas to create a sense of the desolation on this side of the Atlantic.
it Is the united states prepared to go to war with China to defend Taiwan?

In Asia, there is the same concern. Trump's unpredictability, there is no longer be excluded, such as, for example, a ”deal”, which means that the united states pull out of south Korea. Just the idea has brought life into the previously taboo discussion of whether to acquire its own nuclear weapons in Japan.

the most vulnerable are the market. China has recently stepped up both its rhetoric and its military presence on the island. In a game in which the Pentagon has been carried out, the united states has lost all of the 18 rounds against the chinese in the Formosasundet.

the essay

in the most recent issue of " Foreign Affairs (march/april, 2020).

According to Allison, it is inevitable that China and Russia are moving up in their positions and are demanding more and more influence in their local communities. We are going to get to the ”new interests” of the USA's hegemony crumbling. The situation in Syria will give you a taste of what's to come: the united states is withdrawing, and the other powers will move in.

the Problem with Trump's presidency is that it will speed up this development. Instead, in order to strengthen its ties to Europe and the Pacific region through the trade and co-operation, to weaken, he of the free world.

The close relationship with the US remains vital to Sweden.

in sweden, this is the new machovärlden in the worst case. We are a small country that believes in international law, multilateralism, free trade, human rights, and which does not have försvarsgarantier.

It also includes the EU after Brexit. The French president of the republic of Macros is trying to take on the role of a manager in Europe, however, his priorities, and when the gestures do not reflect the interests of Sweden.

So, how are we to think, for a second term in office with The? For a start, it's important for Sweden to pursue a more realistic foreign and security policies. The Ann Linde, has Leaves, has acquired a more fitting minister of foreign affairs for the task at hand. She doesn't have any of his predecessors, and beröringsskräck face the others, speaking positively about the united states, and has been released, the question of whether a kärnvapenförbud.

in Sweden, the need to spread their eggs into more baskets. Having been in the brittiskledda of the Joint Expeditionary Force is a great as well as we have become more positive towards the EU's defence cooperation.

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Date Of Update: 01 March 2020, 00:00

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