Anna DahlbergLåt coronavirus to be a wake-up

Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the She DahlbergFölj Who should we actually believe? According to the statsepidemiologen Anders Tegnell, the number o

Anna DahlbergLåt coronavirus to be a wake-up
Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
She DahlbergFölj
Who should we actually believe? According to the statsepidemiologen Anders Tegnell, the number of swedes affected by the coronavirus had reached a peak and will soon disappear. This is because almost all of the cases it is linked to in the last couple of weeks sportlovsresor in Italy. When the hump of the importfall is completed, should the numbers turn down again, that is the point.

Joacim Rocklöv, a professor in the department of public health and clinical medicine at Umeå university, sweden, is doing the exact opposite of that assessment. This is just the beginning of the year. We're going to see a general spread of disease in the country, which is going to affect the vast majority of the population. It reflects both the past experiences and computer simulations.

the Healthcare system is ”exceptionally dependent on imports,”
But what we do know is that Swedish preparedness does not, is as good as it should be. Although it has just disease prevention, and the smittspårning always been something of an american paradgren, however, beyond the first line of defence is looking much skralare out.

at the same time, lacking the protective gear such as face masks, in order to respond to a major outbreak in Sweden. It can also result from a lack of medical supplies, the exports from China was restricted for an extended period of time. In the report, from 2017 onwards, it is stated that the health care system is ”exceptionally dependent on imports, and the small läkemedelslagren able to grab the end of the year. Also, 1177 Vårdguiden have a hard time to cope with the acute stress.

the Doctor also points out in the other limiting factor - namely, the employee's loyalty at a time when they, themselves, would be at large with no infection risks. It is not just a matter of ”count of players”, which can be used, " he says, ”If there is a situation in which hygiene does not work for the safety equipment is missing or needs to work in the temporary premises, will the medical staff to come to work?”

should learn from the Finnish health preparedness
the comparison with Finland is significant, even if there is criticism in there as well. Recently, the insured is responsible to the ministers, that there is a large stock of safety equipment for health workers in the country. In addition, there is plenty of capacity in the intensive care unit, if it is found that many of the disease. ”To ensure its citizens ' health and safety is a core priority of the government and the authorities”, stressed the minister of the True Marine, in a speech before the Finnish parliament.

Much of the criticism in Sweden, has been made against the Folkhälsomyndighetens slow action, and a tendency to play down the risks associated with the coronautbrottet. This leader board has made in the criticisms. First, on Friday, advised, for example, the MINISTRY for foreign affairs of non-essential travel to the north of Italy.

at the same time, it is clear that Sweden is good in terms of infection control. In the real world underlåtenhetssynden is due to our lack of preparedness for a major crisis, and the antagonistic attacks in general. It is too small, the margins of the society, and the major areas of vulnerability.

the EUROPEAN union-solidarity, are conspicuous by their absence at a specific location

This applies not only to health, but the pattern is repeated in a number of areas. Is bottenligan of the EUROPEAN union in terms of the number of police officers per capita, as well as the resources of the judicial system in general (1.3 per cent of GDP compared to an EU average of 1.7%).

The armed forces are in a constant problems, and the role of civil defence is not a priority enough in the face of tremendous need. From sanaa, to the food and medicine supply would be the need to allow for.

However, the situation was very light, of course, the EUROPEAN union-the solidarity day. Each and every government must, first and foremost, accountable to their own citizens. It's got to Sweden, to experience the fall of 2015, when the country-by-country, told through the migrants on their way to the northern part of Europe. The same mechanism is also visible in the desperate pursuit of personal protective equipment. When the hard-to-hit Italy's appeal on the face it is the answer, in short, no.
We need to build a stronger immune system
When it will come something good out of the coronautbrottet in sweden, it is perhaps in this, that it serves as a wake-up call. Once again, we are reminded that it is not possible to take the society to the functionality of the hand. Much like the human need of the society to have an immune system that is to handle the pressure. It's all about building the resilience of the system.

Sweden has been far too easy on the job for a number of decades to come. Or, better said, policy-makers have been taken by the light to the task at hand.

But what if it is just a matter of that they would like to have a little bit more in austria, Finland, Norway, and Denmark? For example, a prime minister, who, without batting an eyelid could to reassure our citizens that there are plenty of intensivvårdsplatser and equipment in the country in the event of a crisis.

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Date Of Update: 08 March 2020, 08:00

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