Anna DahlbergNejsägandets the triumph should be more concerned with all of us

Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the She DahlbergFölj the Prime minister, mr Stefan Löfven like the fateful speech. The fact is that he has been abusi

Anna DahlbergNejsägandets the triumph should be more concerned with all of us
Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
She DahlbergFölj

the Prime minister, mr Stefan Löfven like the fateful speech. The fact is that he has been abusing the word "democracy" so many times that the majority of the electorate has stopped listening.

the elections are held in the spring was promoted as a referendum on democracy itself. In his christmas speech went the Leaves, if possible, even more. Januariavtalet was described as an ideological choice in order to defend the rule of law and a free and independent media.

This is a tiresome holier-than-thou rhetoric. No wonder that many people instinctively reject the prime minister's recent warning that the new political environment may make it more difficult to control in Sweden in the future. However, in this Video: actually, more to the point.

the following Year, took the SD to the next stage, when the party voted in favour of the alliance's budgetmotion, who won the vote. Prior to that time, it was the practice to put down the votes for his budget proposal been defeated.

in Addition, it has established itself as a new perspective on how the vote of no confidence can be used as a political weapon. These days, not with the minister personally, have done any wrong; that the threat of a no-confidence vote, has become one of the ways to bring pressure to bear on the government.

< attention-grabbing weakening of the power of the Answers from those years speak for themselves.

a total of eleven misstroendeförklaringar in the history of the sex happened in the last five years.

There is a striking sign of weakness to the government of Sweden. As well, the budget is a government's most important styråra - that the ministers of the loose. In 2020, we can expect the next stage of this offensive from the opposition's side: the Parliament is likely to snatch the initiative to write the laws on their own.

while There are no formal obstacles to this, however, the parliament is not able to develop their own legislative proposals. It is the government that is sitting on the utredningsmakten, and has the legal expertise to bring forward new legislative proposals. If the parliament is not satisfied with the outcome of a majority vote, make announcements, call-to-action for government to take action on a particular issue, or amend, reject the portions of the existing law.

it's Not surprising that the maktarrogans is punishing himself,

There is a reason for both sides to stop for a while and think about where Sweden is heading. A little bit of self-criticism, would not be out of place. Januaripartierna has been behaving in a haughty, pretending that a minority can decide everything down to the smallest detail, during the term of office, without having to worry about the anchor, the policy of the majority in the parliament. They have written in a clause to ensure that the V's influence.

But the opposition also needs to take a look in the mirror. Soon, the roles to be reversed. Like, for example, the Conservatives see the order in which it is torn off and the slit in the budgets of the government could be assigned to anything, and the parliament enacts laws counter to the government's line, without any real evidence? Allow me to doubt that. The prime minister would be mr Ulf Kristersson probably horrified about such ”opposition through the division”.

American policy has been destructive, nejsägande. The government is too fine for the purpose of negotiating with the parties. The opposition, on the other hand, too angry to negotiate with the government.
all Around the västvälden seen the same trend,
This is the triumph of the nejsägandet is not a good thing for the country. Sweden needs to be controlled. At a time when the social challenges are becoming more and more difficult to solve is the problem of konfliktnivån are constantly rising, and the government is being undermined.

as the crisis around the Swedish public employment service has been demonstrated, it is not easy to know who is responsible for the policy: (1) to (M)/KD, the budget is voted, (2) the mastermind of the reform, did not even have to sit in the Department, and (3) opposition forces were concessions without any negotiations.

The Economist

in the summer.

as the Magazine pointed out, among other things, on the number of extras has grown considerably and it has become more and more difficult to form stable governments. In the past dominated most of the western states of the two statsbärande of the parties that were redeemed, if in the coming days. Today, many of these lots are only a fraction of its former self.

Sweden stands out now as a country, the amount of which the traditional parties are losing, the polarization increases, the level of dissatisfaction is growing, and it will take months to form a new government.
it May be necessary to majoritetsregeringar in the future
But there are, of course, is to invite the opposition to this development. A reasonable starting point is for the person who wants to be involved should also be willing to take on the responsibility.

It would be a greater element of negotiation in american politics. In Denmark, for example, it is obvious that the minoritetsregeringarna to negotiate on the budget, ”finansloven,” with the opposition parties in order to gain the support of the liberal party.

Under the policy, a balance between conflict and compromise. At the moment it is lost.

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Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 09:01

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