Anna DahlbergTomheten in so it can be expensive to Sweden

Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the She DahlbergFölj ”Tönterier”. This used to be that when the minister of finance, Magdalena Andersson (S) of the w

Anna DahlbergTomheten in so it can be expensive to Sweden
Anna DahlbergLäs more: the chronicles of the
She DahlbergFölj

”Tönterier”. This used to be that when the minister of finance, Magdalena Andersson (S) of the week ruled out of the Liberals ' argument that the tax cuts in the jobs and businesses it is the best way to reduce the gap. In view of the high level language, one could expect that the minister would tell us how the democrats want the inequality to be combated in its place. However, it was not.

It is the only one that Magdalena Andersson had this to say about the fact of the matter was that she was ”in one way or another,” want to raise taxes on people who have a lot of money. Well, well, what then? want to know many of them. Värnskatten has, of course, the government is just picking away, thank goodness. So, it is probably that the Swedish low-capital, which is being referred to, for example, the deletion of the state property tax, why don't the generous support of the ränteavdragen.

the social democrats, do not even know themselves what they want anymore
It is so telling of today's social democracy. The party is not just a bakbundet of their partners; they hardly know themselves what they want anymore. What is the meaning of a marked fiscal policy in the current situation? How does the party's housing policy, or immigration policy look like? The input has been first used in the different negotiations that are going on?

< ungdomsrånen

that could be explained by the fact that, as Stefan Löfven.

That is so limp that the man is stunned. To begin with, compensated the municipalities for the office for budget responsibility (so, the assertion that welfare would be undermined, is inaccurate. The social democrats have also been, ever since the election victory of 2014 in which to delete the necessary for the office for budget responsibility (if they had wanted to. However, no such will has not been found.

the Crisis in the S, it goes deeper than the Leaves and, YES, the

with two outs in S is becoming increasingly evident with each passing day. Tear it up Januariavtalet, it requires the elements of the movement. The others start to mutter about Stefan Löfvens the lack of qualities of the leader, and the prime minister.

the Movement has no answers to the rising levels of inequality, segregation, acute housing shortages for resource-poor households, or the growing number of children who are in distress. There are a few symbolic trials, at the margin, but the trends are can a S is not the.

It is no longer possible to form a broad väljarkoalitioner for a strong society, which the democrats say they want to build. It is perfectly clear, therefore, that's going to mobilize on an entirely different topic, in order to win the next election - namely, pensions.

< Pensionspopulism to fear from a free fall
the Campaign is, in a sense, already started by Ardalan Shekarabi, as a self-proclaimed valgeneral. The two populist proposals, which lack both wit and sense.

first of all, is a kind of a pension credit of around 600 dollars for anyone who has an old age pension in the range of 9 000 to 17 000. The proposal is included as item seven of the Januariuppgörelsen, and is scheduled to be carried out in the autumn of this year.

and This is the icing on the cake is devoid of all connection to the principles of the present pension system. Instead, in order to allow the pension to be controlled by how much you have earned during their working life are introduced here as an ad hoc add-ons to the selected groups of the electorate.

The second track of the social Democrats ' campaign was the promise of 70 per cent of the final salary in the old age pension. In order to understand how far from reality this idea is, it may be worthwhile to recall that the objective when the scheme was first introduced in 1999, was to achieve 60 per cent of the final salary. Today is a change in replacement rates of about 55 per cent.

So, how can we make this official pensionslyft, the P project. Raising the retirement age further would not be a valvinnare, as are those of around 90 billion, is out of the budget, or tvångssparandet (pension contribution) rise dramatically with the equivalent of 27 per cent.
It's welfare, not pension, which is
It's so serious. One moment, ojar itself with the social democrats over the fattigpensionärerna for going through hard times, and to raise the standards. The next time it is called, it doesn't pay enough to have a job. Then it throws you into the illogical and unrealistic promises of higher retirement benefits.

It's really going to be felt in the future is not in the pension scheme, but the well-being. In particular, the number of older people will be met with a painful set of priorities within the home and in the care of the elderly.

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Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 04:00

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