Anna Lindstedt at risk of being kicked to the hotellmötet

According to the indictment, is suspected of Sweden, in the past, China's ambassador Anna Lindstedt in order ”to be at a meeting in Stockholm, sweden, have act

Anna Lindstedt at risk of being kicked to the hotellmötet

According to the indictment, is suspected of Sweden, in the past, China's ambassador Anna Lindstedt in order ”to be at a meeting in Stockholm, sweden, have acted outside the scope of the jurisdiction of which he may have in the corps of the matter, relating to the English citizen, the Gui Minhai, who is imprisoned in China.

the Stockholm district court has, prior to the trial, requests for an opinion from the government on the employer in regard to a possible verdict of guilty against her, for the future of the process.

the Court has requested the opinion in order to have a basis, if the employer government is going to act, if the court finds her guilty for the alleged crime of egenmäktighet in a negotiation with a foreign power, and that the breach is capable of providing up to two years in prison. However, a penalty may be mitigated somewhat if the person at risk, for example, including termination of employment.
Anna Lindstedt is liable to be dismissed

< 's faculty accountability board in the government offices of sweden, with Mikael Granholm, as chairperson, will its information: ms Anna Lindstedt is likely to be dismissed if the district court goes on the public prosecutor of the line, and folding her in for the crime of egenmäktighet in a negotiation with a foreign power.

So, where's faculty accountability board.

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”the Board believes that ms Anna Lindstedt is likely to be separated from her employment if she is convicted, according to the prosecution case”.

the Board is also requesting in the district court's judgment after it has been dropped.

as the Trial opened on march 19, and several of her colleagues at the ministry of Foreign affairs is called upon by the prosecutor Henry Olin of the säkehetsmål to testify against her.

also known as are also the imprisoned, the bookseller, the Gui Minhais the daughter of Angela, the Gui of which is to bear witness to the central point of the whole process, from The high-profile kaosmötet at the hotel Sheraton in Stockholm, sweden on 24 and 25 January, 2019 where Angela, the Gui was invited by the Anna Lindstedt, in order to meet with the two businessmen, who had to be able to help get her father released from a chinese prison.

The two traders, the chinese men, Kevin Liu, and John Meewella, with sri lankan nationality was, however, an essential requirement in meeting Angela, the Gui would stop its public criticism of the chinese people's treatment of her father.
She Lindstedts Sheratonmöte

After the meeting at the was held in Anna Lindstedt, on the way to a premature exit from his job as ambassador in Beijing, china.

She was in a practice called home as the MINISTRY for foreign affairs didn't feel that she did anything of the case, the Gui Minhai, correctly, among other things, had contact with his daughter, Angela and Gui. It is unclear, however, whether the aims of the MINISTRY for foreign affairs–a criticism made it to the Anna Lindstedt. She has united in this.

Sheratonmötet was completely unknown to the key people in the MINISTRY who was working with the Gui Minhai is the case, and it was only a few weeks after the meeting, as Angela says, the Gui went out in public and wondered what is going on, businesses requirements, and the ambassador of the conduct of the meeting were announced, and later launched the secret police and an investigation led to the indictment. Upset by ambassadörskollegor
Multi-conductor Lindstedts in the past ambassadörskollegor have been very, very upset about the charges, and claimed that it was entirely the fault of a lawsuit. In particular, one has to refer to an ambassador's wide ranging powers as the agency director. Several previous heavy-duty ambassadors, retired will also be a witness in the Anna Lindstedt's request.

" That is absurd, of course, the toppdiplomaten, Sven Hirdman, said of the indictment.

Anna Lindstedt is going to be forced to celebrate his 60th birthday in the middle of the court case. However, the actual birthday, the court has set a day for hearing.

Anna Lindstedt is described as one of the Swedish top diplomat with wide-ranging experience. She was born in Lund, sweden, in 1960, and has been ambassadörsposter.

on her RESUME, it appears that she speaks English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and indonesian fluently. She can also make yourself understood in vietnamese, and some chinese are also in the vocabulary.

Anna Lindstedt has been the ambassador of Mexico, and the republic of Vietnam.

When she was in 2016, was appointed Sweden's ambassador in China was the peak of her career. If more than 60 shut down.

her Career was not meant to be put on the diplomatspåret, she began her career as a journalist. However, 19990, she came out of the diplomatprogrammet of the ministry of foreign affairs.

She made a utvikelse of the MINISTRY for foreign affairs careers. In september 2011, Anna Lindstedt klimatambassadör of the ministry of the Environment and is chosen to be Sweden's chief negotiator in the international climate change agreement, and has received more attention than in the past. The service was cut, and the cut of her long experience, accustomed to hard bargaining and a strong interest in environmental issues. The latter was also included in the picture, when she's in 2016 he was named Sweden's China representative.
Work, with full pay,
Anna Lindstedt is in the day-work as long as it's a legal process going on. The MINISTRY has also taken her to have access to the internal network.

She has been informed of the Personalansvarsnämndens opinion.

the Gp has been applied for the Anna Lindstedts of the defender, the lawyer, Conny Cedermark.

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 11:00

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