Bad Hersfeld is booming: With the pandemic, the breakthrough came

Anyone who wants to pass, get a type of gun to the forehead, the temperature measure. On the floor marks to the distance, disinfectant dispensers and stacks and

Bad Hersfeld is booming: With the pandemic, the breakthrough came

Anyone who wants to pass, get a type of gun to the forehead, the temperature measure. On the floor marks to the distance, disinfectant dispensers and stacks and stacks of masks to keep in the next room. Barrier tapes to guide the staff in the operation, a mouth-nose protection is required. In the logistics centre "FRA3" of Amazon in Bad Hersfeld, there was Corona-Infected among the staff. Did not stop the operation because of it. Also, no one was sent to short-time work. Rather, it is worked almost around the clock in shifts. Only between three o'clock to five, ten, and six o'clock in the morning, then an employee of a cleaning company disinfectant spray.

Julian Staib

Political correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland with its headquarters in Wiesbaden.

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The Online trade in the Corona is booming, the pandemic is likely to have brought the final breakthrough in Germany. At the time of the lock downs, the advent of the package carriers as high as, otherwise, just before Christmas. It is called by several companies. Since then, the shops have re-opened, went back the Numbers a bit. Still but you are well above the Pre-pandemic level in an already growing market.

In four hours to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg,

Bad Hersfeld, in the North-East of Hesse, is the heart of the industry in Germany. Here are all of the big logistics companies have their headquarters. By DHL, GLS and Hermes to Kuehne and Nagel. And of course Amazon, the shipping trade giant. Once Bad Hersfeld zone edge of the area was, after the reunification, but the city was suddenly in the middle of Germany. So the logistics were. The end of the day in around four hours in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, and Frankfurt is 1.5 hours. Load to truck driving, loading and drive back – all in one layer.

"Latest Drop-off Time", called the non-party mayor of bath Hersfelds, Thomas Fehling, the language of the dominant industry in his city has adapted. Due to the location of all the major logistics companies have their Hubs here. Earlier, the unemployment rate in his city, two-digit, earlier the Region was considered as the poor house of Hesse. As Fehling 1987 made in the town high school, was to move away, he says. Many were never returned. Today, things are different. Today, the unemployment rate is a little over three percent.

The district administrator of the district Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Michael Koch (CDU), does not admit quite frankly that the Boom in the area due to the logistics was not so much a merit of the policy, rather than a consequence of the situation. "Nice for us." By the turn of the century the area had benefited economically enormously. The logistics of "grumpy," says cook, also during the pandemic. He shows a letter he received recently. Again, a large logistics companies, whether there is still space. "Of course," says cook.

Threatening Bad Hersfeld is a mono-culture?

His district office is currently being expanded. In the city center next to the half-timbered houses are elaborately renovated. Once the rest of the city, it goes well. Only at the edges you can see that it also pays a price for the Boom: Countless huge gray boxes there, ring around the trucks of their cars. A Mono-Culture. The dependence of only one sector could be for the Region's dangerous, trust no one here. "The networked delivery stay chains," says Fehling, the mayor. "We will not turn the logistics back."

Amazon was among the First to be settled. The logistics center "FRA1" was built in 1999, ten years later, FRA3 "followed". As always, in the organization, the locations carry the nearest large airport is in the name, Frankfurt so. Approximately 3500 employees work here, in the world there are on Amazon about 800,000. The founder and Director of the company, Jeff Bezos, is considered to be the richest person in the world. According to estimates, the share of the company on the Online is trade in America, 40, in Germany 48 per cent. Worldwide, Amazon has about 300 million customers. During the pandemic, all of these Numbers have probably increased, because few companies have benefited so much from the crisis, such as Amazon. The already secretive company wants to make in Germany, but no details.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2020, 15:19

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