Ben's son, was hjärnskadad in the hospital

But, Johanna, Mccartney, the mother of Elliott, it is all about, to have the proceedings in the district court played an important role. Elliot got to experienc

Ben's son, was hjärnskadad in the hospital

But, Johanna, Mccartney, the mother of Elliott, it is all about, to have the proceedings in the district court played an important role. Elliot got to experience his first birthday, and died two weeks later.

"It is important that the Measure should be well spoken of, there was a major error for him," says Johanna Adolfsson.

she was The one who made the police report after that, the sequence of events is audited by the Inspectorate of health and social services, which came to the conclusion that the violated patient safety legislation.

" I think that the right to be right, so I called the police and asked for a bit. However, by that time, I would absolutely file a police report because it was a violation of the law, according to the Ivos the decision.

< Värkstimulerande drop
When the defendant is the joined in her session at half past ten in the evening, Johanna, Mccartney has been in the obstetrical clinic since the early morning. During the six hours that the ago was responsible for the birth made her, according to the prosecutor, the error was so serious that they are criminal.

the amount of värkstimulerande the drop was increased on five separate occasions, despite the fact that labor has already arrived to the city. She called for the doctor does not, in spite of the alarming character of the poor, the heart rate of the baby.

in the First of a midwife, the intervention was called a doctor, who, by the external pressure, managed to get it out of the boy. He was half past four in the morning. As a result of the lack of oxygen he had received serious head injuries.

the Child was the victim of gross negligence to the injury, considers the public prosecutor, Elena Severin, who, during the trial, the one from the court, demanded that the should be sentenced to a suspended sentence and a fine.

" It came out of a report to the police and the case was randomly assigned to me. Then I have an obligation to see to it that it is being investigated, and just as in the case of any violation, if I was an objective basis to predict a verdict of guilty then I'm guilty, prosecuting, said Elena Severin.

new procedures
a defense lawyer, Björn Hurtig thinks that the prosecution should never have been brought to court.

"the very fact that the hospital is immediately on the day after the change of all the procedures in a way that the government in the past has wanted to show that they understand that it is not a situation in which they are working," he said to news agency TT.

the Midwife admitted that she did wrong during the birth, but it is not the same thing as to admit to the crime, emphasizes the lawyer. She said that she experienced tunnel vision and all the while was thinking that during the next pain, the child expired.

On this night, there was no co-ordinator, that is to say, a person has to be responsible for supervising all on-going delivery of babies, something for the hospital to be introduced on a routine basis. The midwife has also said to the screen that shows the baby's heart rate is in proportion to the labor is not easily to see from where she was standing at the entrance, ready to receive the baby.

"She has been horrible about it, of course," said Bjorn Hurtig.

In this case, it is not certain that it is the excessive värkstimuleringen was the reason for the lack of oxygen to the child, he says, pointing at the boy who was born with the umbilical cord tightly wrapped around the neck and the abdomen.

the Board of scientific advice in obstetrics and gynaecology, Ian Milsom, has been based on a review of the case determined that the injuries to the child occurred due to the accused the midwife of the ways to manage the birth of a child, on the basis of the umbilical cord around his neck.

”Wrong, sue”

Vårdförbundets president of the Sineva Would think that it is wrong to prosecute medical professionals for the mistake in the post.

" It's terrible what has happened, and I hope very much that you've changed the routine so that it will not happen again. But when the mistakes are being made in the health care sector so it is with the system, and if you only judge the individual, so if you lose the system. This can lead to even more mistakes, " she says.

She is of the opinion that the vårdmisstag should be investigated by the health and social care (Ivo), which looks at the entire organization. The may also refer the matter to the Health care ansvarsnämnd to take a position on the staff will be able to maintain their identity.

Johanna, Mccartney works as a nurse, and she did not agree with.

" On the economics would be wrong with the money, or the like, so it will be in prison straight away. However, in health care, it must be so nice and quiet. Nothing can be wrong, you may not be judged, " she says.

”always happy.”
Why the Measure died as a one year old, doctors can't say for certain. He died in his sleep.

" In the beginning it was very hard, because he couldn't swallow, and not to cough, we had to suck the phlegm from her throat. However, once he started getting older he got better and he was always happy. He learned to sit up, and he babblade a little bit, and he's facing the subject. He was a lot better, but he was never free from his head injury. He had a major head injury.

" We're going to actually have to have a little sister at the beginning of the month of June.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 10:00

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