Briefly, This is the most toxic of all the cars

the Measurement of Kvdbil is based on the average of 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. They have been compared to how the car fleet in Sweden's 20 lar

Briefly, This is the most toxic of all the cars

the Measurement of Kvdbil is based on the average of 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. They have been compared to how the car fleet in Sweden's 20 largest urban places in relation to the average.

for Some reason, is located in Södertälje with the best. The proportion of cars that can be placed in the koldioxidsnittet in Södertälje, sweden, is 36.4%. In the coastal town of Sundsvall, which has the lowest share of fuel-efficient cars, the figure is 23.6 per cent.

" It's hard for me to give a straight answer as to why sweden is the best in the class. This could be due to the strong bilintresse of the city bears the marks of the Unit, and Volkswagen's presence. Södertälje also has a lot of big jobs, is located in an urban area, and to have lower income levels than the national average. All in all, it can contribute to a more Södertäljebor are choosing smaller cars with more fuel-efficient engines, " says Madeleine Fritz, director of sales at Kvdbil, the current state of Technology of the world.

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sweden is closely followed by Lund and Nacka, sweden, when it comes to the highest proportion of fuel-efficient cars. The municipality of Nacka also has the highest percentage of hybrid and electric cars, whereas Sundsvall, sweden is once again the worst in the class, it will show the same measurement.

At the Woodside form of rechargeable cars, 12.6% of the car fleet, while the corresponding figure in Sundsvall, sweden, is 2.7 per cent. The measurements show a clear distinction between urban and rural areas, according to Madeleine Fritz.

" with Regular reports showing the differences between the urban and rural areas, however, the report also concluded that there are clear differences between the two cities. The shift goes by much faster in the big cities, " she says, according to the Technology of the world.

Madeleine Fritz points out that the transition is often associated with the ministry of economy.

" the fact That cities outside the three major metropolitan areas are lagging behind is probably just the same as for rural areas, a combination of longer driving distances, reduced laddmöjligheter, and the lack of range on many of the models that are available in the market. For many households, there is no doubt, also have a plånboksfråga. Electric and hybrid cars are still relatively expensive, and this is especially noticeable in those parts of the country, where income levels are lower.

the third plan is to buy a Express newspaper, and the christian democrats looked recently to how many people who are looking to buy a laddbar the car. In the survey respondents were in the third person, that they are planning to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle.

" This is a clear statement that there are now electric cars, and hybrid cars are on the road. Most people don't buy a new car, but it will indicate that it is at a disadvantage if they had had the opportunity, " commented Toivo Sjörén, opinionschef of the christian democrats.

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Södertälje, sweden eur 36.4

Lund, sweden of sek 36.2

Woodside 36,1.

Gothenburg, sweden 35,8.

in Stockholm, sweden 33,7.

Boras to 32.8.

Linköping, sweden 32,4.

from Helsingborg, sweden to 31.7.

in Malmö, sweden to 31.5 "

in Jönköping, sweden for 31.2

Norrköping, 31,1.

in Huddinge, sweden, 30.8 m.

in Uppsala, sweden to 30.5 "

Örebro, sweden 30,0)

Västerås, sweden 29,8

Halmstad, sweden 29,6 "

in Gävle, sweden 27,9)

Eskilstuna, sweden 27,6 "

Umeå is a 25.1 "

in Sundsvall, sweden 23,6 "

Woodside is 12.6.

in Stockholm, sweden 10.2 million.

Lund, sweden 9,7

Södertälje, sweden 7,1 "

in Huddinge, sweden, 5.9 in.

Gothenburg, sweden 5,7

Malmö, sweden and 5.0.

Linköping, sweden 4.9 in.

in Uppsala, sweden at 4.6.

in Örebro, sweden to 4.2

Jönköping, sweden and 4.0.

Borås, 3.8 percent.

Umeå is a 3.5 in.

in Eskilstuna, which is 3.4.

Västerås, which is 3.4.

in Helsingborg, which is 3.4.

in Norrköping, which is 3.3 "

in Gävle, sweden in 3.0.

Stockholm was 2.8.

in Sundsvall, sweden with 2.7.


Source: Kvdbil/Technology. The statistics are based on where the cars are registered, which may differ from where the cars are being used.

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Date Of Update: 29 February 2020, 13:00

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