By all means Trump wants to prevent the appearance of an explosive book

The former National security adviser John Bolton developed in the impeachment proceedings against U.S. President Donald Trump to be a key figure. The Democrats

By all means Trump wants to prevent the appearance of an explosive book

The former National security adviser John Bolton developed in the impeachment proceedings against U.S. President Donald Trump to be a key figure. The Democrats see him now as a leniency to the education of the Ukraine affair, the President is his former Top employees as the crazy hardliners.

as a result of the recently revealed statements Boltons, several Republican senators now appear to a summons of witnesses in the Impeachment-to draw procedures to seriously consider – what Trump would be very inconvenient.

With Bolton in the "Sixth world"

From the "New York Times" widely used information from an unpublished book manuscript Boltons had a new move in the impeachment proceedings in the Senate against Trump brought. Accordingly, Trump Bolton in August, said that he wanted to keep the almost 400 million US dollars (approximately 355 million euros) of comprehensive military assistance to the Ukraine until Kiev preliminary investigations against his political rival, Joe Biden. This is contrary to the method a key point of trump's defence in the Impeachment. The President rejects the representation.

The President did his utmost to Bolton's credibility to undermine. "If I had listened to him, we'd be in the Sixth world war," wrote Trump on Wednesday on Twitter. Therefore, he had to Bolton fire.

concern for national security

The White house is also legally against the book and wants to ban its publication. The manuscript contained a lot of classified information, some of which are "top secret" classified had been, wrote the National security Council in a Wednesday known letter to Bolton's attorney.

"The manuscript must not be without a deletion of this classified information, or in any other way made public and published." It must be ensured that the book claims of "national security" of the United States.

To which parts in Bolton's book is exactly, not in the letter. The Letter is from last Thursday, but became known only now. Bolton had submitted the manuscript to the White house for review, as in the case of government employees or former government employees is common. AFP-US President and his then security adviser John Bolton in April 2018

Violent accusations

The Impeachment proceedings occurred in the Senate, meanwhile, in the next Phase. After the completion of the opening statements, the senators got on Wednesday for the first time, the opportunity to ask questions. Up to and including Thursday, you have time to interview the prosecution representative of the house of representatives and Trumps defenders in writing.

The house of representatives has accused Trump with the majority of the Democrats abuse of power and obstruction of investigations in Congress. Trump is said to have urged the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigations against his political rival, Joe Biden, to influence the US presidential election of 2020 in its favor. The Democrats see it as proven that the Trump of the announcement of such investigations have made, among other things, the release of the military aid-dependent. As the was out come, had the Trump set to block the investigations of the house of representatives.

"There can be no fair trial without a witness,"

The Democrats see in their claim confirmed, Bolton, in the impeachment proceedings as a witness subpoena. "There can be no fair trial without witnesses," says the leading Prosecutor of the house of representatives, the Democrat Adam Schiff. Especially a witness such as Bolton, of the relevant information to "serious and egregious misconduct" had the President, should be summoned, called ship. Bolton had rejected a hearing in the house of representatives without any previous judicial examination, had then informed but surprisingly, he would testify in the Senate. Reuters/Susan Walsh/AP/dpa, the Chairman of The intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff

The Senate, in which trump is the Republicans have the majority, is expected to vote on Friday on whether in the process of new witnesses and evidence to be admitted. According to media reports, the Democrats could prevail in the dispute might be. There is in the Senate currently does not have a sufficient majority to block the request of the Democrats, said the majority leader of Republicans, Mitch McConnell, consequently, on Tuesday (local time).

McConnell is reported to have not ruled out in a confidential Meeting with Republican senators, but to gather up to the vote, the necessary majority of 51 senators, including the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. No new witnesses should be allowed to speak, the Republican-controlled Senate Trump, theoretically, still on Friday, the charges against the President rejected.

Four Republicans could still fall

The Senate in the impeachment process, the role of a court and decides on the charges. Because of the Republican majority in the chamber, it is considered extremely unlikely that Trump will be removed at the end of the office. 20 Republican senators would have to vote with the Democrats.

For the admission of witness statements, in contrast, a simple majority would be sufficient, the Democrats would have to draw only four Republican senators to their side. Republicans Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, had declared on Monday that there are now strong arguments for the subpoena of witnesses, which convinced other Republicans. Embarrassing banners-action: Suddenly Nigel Farage, the sound is FOCUS Online off Embarrassing banners-action: Suddenly Nigel Farage, the sound is turned off


Date Of Update: 30 January 2020, 12:11

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