Change of scenery after Andalusia

The last 2 of December there was a small earthquake in the political landscape English: in Andalusia, the left lost the monopoly it held since the transition to

Change of scenery after Andalusia

The last 2 of December there was a small earthquake in the political landscape English: in Andalusia, the left lost the monopoly it held since the transition to democracy and a party extraparlamentario that had been striking repeatedly, fascist, unconstitutional, and other compliments to use, and come with a substantial representation in the regional Parliament. In this country of ours, many people think that the one who fulfills the law is a fool, and that anyone who claims that the law is fulfilled is a fascist. Interestingly, those who support such views are considered democrats for progress and pontifican daily in the media most read and listened to.

it is True that, technically, the PSOE won the last elections; but their results have been disappointing and have completed a clear downward trend. Let us recall that in his first election as a candidate to the presidency (2012), Susana Diaz he lost to Javier Arenas and only ruled because it did not reach the absolute majority and she had the support of United Left. In the next election (2015), lost almost 125.000 votes and, although he won, again needed support, this time of Citizens. In total, since 2008, the socialism andalusian has seen its support shrink by more than 50 percent, from almost 2.2 million of voters to barely a million.

But if the election result andaluz has been a disaster for Susana Díaz, in the long run it is ominous for his fellow, the president-Pedro Sanchez (Adenauer said that there is no worse enemy that the partner party and the PSOE seems to give the reason). If the doctor takes more than six months by making tradeoffs in a tile to maintain happy to the separatists that they support him in the Courts, the results andalusians have greatly reduced the size of the tile on which you perform your stunts. As acknowledged by the own Diaz after the elections, it has been shown that a fraction growing of the voters rejected the much-vaunted dialogue with the separatists, that we had wanted to sell as the search for a political solution without confrontations and with that was trying to justify the desperate opportunism of a Government dependent on the votes of the separatists.

"dialogue" has become the wildcard mirific for our statesmen, that what they proclaim and do their utmost to dexter and sinister as the balm of Fierabrás of the policy. But, yes, they refuse to study history. Legislate extensively on history, but not the study. What happened at Munich in September 1938, for example, maybe the episode diplomat best known and most regretted of the TWENTIETH century, does not deserve any reflection on the part of our dialogue. The dialogue of Chamberlain with Hitler at that time, supported almost unanimously by the british people, led to and accelerated the outbreak of the Second World War, and lost face for posterity the figure of the so acclaimed Chamberlain.

But you do not need to go so far away in time and in space. Recent history shows us that the Spanish Government lead a dialogue with the dissidents catalans since the Transition, more than 40 years, always with dreadful results. First spoke with the Catalan in order to agree the Constitution and laws attached to it. It yielded in almost everything. Then spoke with the nationalists of Pujol in the interests of good governance. It was left to the then honorable to do in Catalonia, that I would like, as if it were your farm, it is a transgression of the laws, with the extortion of 3% and other trapacerías, and indoctrinating children and adults in the hatred of Spain. Then spoke with the nationalists of the Tripartite, and to not become separatists, and in 2006 he gave them a second (or third) statute for the vote to Catalan would allow Shoemaker to win in 2008. And over the loyal partners were upset because the Constitutional Court slashed timidly the most ludicrous of that text sacrosanct (which, by the way, the Governments of Puigdemont and Torra have been violated with impunity). He spoke then with the separatists not to declare independence. Naturally, they declared. At all times be allowed in Catalonia to ignore oblivious to the Constitution, in whose drafting much was conceded to the Catalan (and, indeed, the basque nationalism). Now it is a question of a dialogue with pro-independence to see if they are divided, postpone for the moment a new secession, and, above all, to enable the Socialist Party to continue ruling in the tile.

The story -that of today and that of the Republic - teaches that the more one has engaged with the minority separatist Catalan, more and more has increased the number of its adherents, the more rigid you have become, and the greater were their demands. This is a historical lesson that is the view of all. Many, however, refuse to see it, persist in the refrain of "dialogue" and repeated that the problem with Catalan is political and must be resolved politically. That is to say, that must be followed to dialogue and to relent, but there is already so little to give other than what is offered now is to sacrifice the independence of the judiciary, to give the separatists more money and power, and yield in the nonsense famous of the "nation of nations", infallible formula for the break-up national, as shown in the cases of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union. And if the judges don't want to collaborate in the murder of Montesquieu, there is the impunity, the clemency with which the government is going to reward the disloyalty, the treason and the rebellion in the place of honor to the judges for their courage, their integrity and their loyalty to the laws that we democratically.

lo and behold, come the elections in andalusia and put in question the supposed faith goofy voter's Spanish in the dialogue with the separatists. The success of Vox and Citizens has been a slap in the face to the doctor's chair in the rosy cheeks of Susan. The anomalous Government of Sánchez is among the sword of the elector of flake and the wall of the votes in parliamentary separatists who needs to survive. Accordingly, Sanchez feels obliged to give a little bump of rudder and criticize a light to the separatists, which, incidentally, are also among the other sword (its growing unpopularity) and the demands of the enragés CDR, whose votes they need to support their own budgets. This creates a complicadísmo balance between two governments in a precarious (Sanchez and Torra) that need each other, but whose collaboration is threatening to cause a revolt of their base electoral respective.

it Is difficult therefore to know what is behind the threat of Sanchez send the Guardia Civil to put an end to the madness in Catalonia. The aggressive attitude and violent of the CDR can cause situations which are very unpleasant for the Council of Ministers, apparently as a friendly gesture, the doctor Sanchez decided to be held in Barcelona next Friday, the 21st. The friendly gesture could well result in an episode snubbed and violent for the Government if the young Lads of the Squad do not impose the order. But in the recent incidents in which the CDR sowed chaos and violence in Catalonia, and were slightly repressed by the Boys, Torra stood on the side of the violent and rebuked his own police force for trying to maintain order. Emerged as well the differences with the central Government; Torra seems willing to rectify, but this could curl more committees to republicans that they would consider the correction as a humiliation to Madrid. We are, as can be seen, in a game in which everyone loses (especially the Spanish people), or the beautiful mind of John Nash, the mad genius of the theory of games, could provide a satisfactory situation.

Before a scene so tense and convoluted it would be logical, honest and, above all, democratic, hold elections. But it gives the impression that this possibility scares the hell out of the doctor Sanchez, whose panic to the expression of the popular will, seem to have exacerbated the elections in andalusia. However, prolong the agony, you can create a greater bump up to the elections. Your situation is not enviable for a normal person. But in the quagmire got him alone. The bad thing is that with him we dragged him to all the others, and in those we are.

Gabriel Tortella, economist and historian, is the author of Capitalism and Revolution, and co-author of Catalonia in Spain. History and myth (with J. L. García Ruiz, C. E., Núñez, and G. Quiroga), both published in Gadir.

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