Clear Yes to the marriage for all: It is time for equal treatment

He said Yes. The national Council has today ruled Thursday that gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry. With 132 to 52 votes in favour and 13 abstentions,

Clear Yes to the marriage for all: It is time for equal treatment

He said Yes. The national Council has today ruled Thursday that gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry. With 132 to 52 votes in favour and 13 abstentions, the "marriage for all has been adopted". A clear majority, namely, 124 of the national councillors and national Councillors, said, also, that the sperm donation for lesbian couples should be allowed. If a married woman through artificial insemination mother, is to apply your wife automatically in the future as a mother. The same automatism applies already in the case of heterosexual married couples.

President of the Austrian Parliament Isabelle Moret (FDP, 49) had made their colleagues before legs. Last week, the debate had to be adjourned because the office of the national Council was poorly planned. Now it had Moret, obviously in a hurry. In order to prevent a proliferation of discussion, she threatened: at 9.15 a.m. to go to the next issue – "whether the business is completed or not". By 9.13 am, the national Council was ready.

the Federal Council was opposed to sperm donation-extra

With the right to marriage, the right to joint Adoption is associated. So far, same-sex couples is only allows step-child Adoption. With the decision that, in addition, sperm donation for lesbian couples is legalized, the national Council is a step further than the Federal Council had proposed.

Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (56) not stressed though, she was basically against same-sex Parenting. She pleaded but, the donation of semen in a next step, not to overload the template. In addition, many questions are still open, what anbelangten for example, the rights of the natural father.

Supporters argued, however, that there are already a lot of lesbian couples with children. You often go abroad, to be by sperm donation parents. The child will be recognised in Switzerland though. The non-biological mother must adopt her then. The process can take several years, in which a certain amount of legal uncertainty.

"time for equality"

While the Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples was given the clear majority is clear – only parts of the SVP were against it – was the decision to sperm donation in the run-up to controversial. SP, greens, green liberals and the FDP in the consultation process last year for the "marriage for all", including the law on sperm donation.

their main argument was that in today's debate, the equality. "It is time for the equal treatment of all life," said the Green national councillor Florence Brenzikofer (45). There is, according to the proponents, no apparent reason why the sperm donation, same-sex couples, and should be.

More rights for the rainbow children

GLP-national councillor Kathrin Bertschy (40) pointed out that many couples with a desire to have children were abroad, and the donation of semen, in contrast to the legal situation in Switzerland is mostly anonymous. The right of the child to know his / her lineage is fundamental," said Bertschy. This right does not have to be a part of the donor's children today – "and that's only because your mother loves a woman".

the opponents of The SVP argued, meanwhile, that with the legalisation of sperm donation for lesbians, a new inequality will be created, because gay married couples the way to the child continues to be blocked. Because surrogacy is prohibited. SVP representatives were in addition to the rights of the biological fathers. National councillor Yves Nidegger (63) went so far as to say, to commit ", so to speak, the father of murder".

Now, the Council of States

to decide, Within the LGBT Community, the joy of the two times is of the national Council of of large. You will be happy "and relieved," said the Committee for the "marriage for all". "Finally, get lesbian couples the same rights as heterosexuals. And finally, children born into rainbow families have the same parental rights as children born in a heterosexual Couple," says Salome Zimmermann, President of the Committee. With the clarity, with which the national Council for the donation of semen, pronounced he is "a great sign".

Now, supporters hope the Council of States. He is expected to vote in September on the "marriage for all". The Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples is safe. Must tremble, the Pro-camp but at the time of seed donation. Although the fractions are, even in the Small chamber with a clear majority. However, there is likely to be at the FDP and CVP, in contrast to the national Council more than the opponent, since the bourgeois parties in the Canton of representatives tick often more conservative than the national councillors and national Councillors.

when same-sex couples the word may give, is still unclear. The EDU has already announced the Referendum. However, the retention in the population for the "marriage for all", including the donation of semen, gross.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 07:48

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