Corona is hitting Iran's most important holiday

in two weeks, whichever is Iran's most important holiday - the Persian new year At. Despite the fact that the country is ruled by sharia law, which forbids the

Corona is hitting Iran's most important holiday

in two weeks, whichever is Iran's most important holiday - the Persian new year At. Despite the fact that the country is ruled by sharia law, which forbids the pagan feasts of the lord keep it As tradition, just as it was before the ”islamic revolution” of 1979. At a ceremony to welcome spring and the return of the sun. However, the spread of the coronavirus in the entire country, affecting the application. The last update of the coronafall in the country, is now on-3513-infected and 107 deaths.

" I'm very sorry. All have been affected by the coronaspridningen. I'm not going to be able to celebrate At, and I think a lot of iranians are going to stay at home and not being able to go anywhere, " says children's author Arghavan Ashtarani to the Network.

Ashtarani is one of the most well-known children's author in the country. Each and every time, she would like to put out a new book, fighting her a long time to self-censorship. She was forced to delete some of the information that could be construed as anti-islamic regulations, or even remove the drawings of the animals, which may not be in the children's books, such as, for example, dogs. Now, she is concerned that sales are being affected by the coronavirus.

"the Feast" As being the best time of year for the bookstore. It is the time when people are buying the books and giving gifts to each other. This time around, people will not buy gifts for each other, but they only buy the most necessary, in the expectation of seeing what is going to happen in the future, " says Ashtarani.
In the affected
For China, Iran is one of the hardest-hit countries in the coronaspridningen. The government has now decided that all of the schools, and the university will be closed for a month. For the second time in a row we have to set up the Friday prayers in the mosques.

" the People believe that the government is blind to the real number of cases. They do not test all of them because they don't have enough resources, " says Ashtarani.

On march 2, whichever is the Persian new year - At. Both of the Ashtarani as well as the rest of the iranian people As the most important holiday of the year. It is important, in order to celebrate it, but it is also important for trade and commerce.

" On the basis of the coronaspridningen, many of which have closed their business, and they are at home. They don't have to be able to make money in the recent past and, therefore, the people have less resources to buy gifts or to celebrate, " says Ashtarani.

coronavirus gained a foothold in Iran, the government has been trying to take different measures in order to stop the spread. Local airline companies have set up their own travel, and is now the country's towns and cities are isolated from each other. The fear of the spread to achieve the country's prisons, Iran has temporarily released the 54 000 prisoners. Ghoulam Houssein Ismaili is a spokesman for the country's courts, said in a press conference, which is narrated by the local media that the prisoners had to ”leave” after they have been tested in the corona, and as it turned out, that they are healthy. He also pointed out that it is not going to release prisoners who are sentenced to more than 5 years, for a ”breach of security”.

a british member of parliament, Tulip Rizwana Siddiq, said earlier in the week, the English media is that Iran is able to get to the drop brittiskan Nazanin Saghari-Ratcliffe soon.

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 18:00

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