Corona outbreak in Tönnies: The people are not allowed to leave first

Mr. Montgomery, have been proven to the German federalism, especially in the case of Gütersloh? Oliver Georgi editor in the policy. F. A. Z. Twitter I'm

Corona outbreak in Tönnies: The people are not allowed to leave first

Mr. Montgomery, have been proven to the German federalism, especially in the case of Gütersloh?

Oliver Georgi

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z. Twitter

I'm actually a big opponent of federalism in health care. Just in the corona crisis, we have to give ourselves to him so far, to be very hung; we have to have a lot more stringent nationwide standards that are then implemented locally so that the same criteria apply. Therefore, the extension of competition to the Prime Minister in its easing measures has me very annoyed. In the case of Tönnies, but I find that the federalism proven to be quite. Armin Laschet has responded in the right way. This is not him, the was one of the leaders on the easing front like, sure easily.

However, the measures are sometimes difficult to see through. A number of countries have imposed a binding ban on people from the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf, if you can prove a negative corona test but with a time delay. Travel to other States, stay for people from Gütersloh, but allowed to continue. Some of the holidaymakers were sent from the Baltic sea coast, because it is only when you Fill out your Kurausweises noticed that they came from Gütersloh.

I believe that we will lose due to this heterogeneous countries approach a significant part of the understanding of the people for the Anti-Corona measures. When the first lock downs were imposed, we have taken ourselves as a Hamburger stunned in the head, because we were not allowed to cross on the banks of the Elbe the border to Schleswig-Holstein. No one knows where it is on the dike, but policemen were at the weekend and have distributed nodules. So, you destroyed the trust in federalism. The same now applies to the measures, the Prime Minister, as Mr Söder, Mr and Mrs Schwesig for the people of Gütersloh and were imposed on the village. I can't understand every citizen who know what is where just like. Especially since it is questionable whether the announced measures are not enough at all.

do you not fear?

the criterion for exclusion is strange: What is it, a negative Corona is because Test within the last 48 hours? The acceptance of these Tests is relatively error-prone; within the incubation time that can be between two and 14 days, is a Test, only a snapshot, which says nothing about a possible later development of the disease. In addition, many questions remain unanswered: Should travelers from Gütersloh travelling through lower Saxony at the roadhouse to go to the toilet or not? The only really effective measure would be: The people are not allowed to leave in the first place.

you mean a full quarantine for the two circles?

A more consistent and uniform Lockdown is, in my view, mandatory. The North Rhine-Westphalian authorities have introduced the contact restrictions in the two circles partially, but you have not arranged, you must not leave the circle. The Best would be, if people would not travel from the affected circles, now even in the holidays, until you can be after a successful quarantine, make sure they are not infected. This is painful, but you can thank Mr. Tönnies.

Just in holiday times would be the for the policy more difficult to explain.

I would also like to go on vacation and my old life back!!! But that won't happen. The policy is much too lenient; this outdoing the competition, who has the best Anti-Corona measures and who is the dearest to the people, help at all. Covid-19 is not gone long, and it is still not clear whether we can defeat the disease with vaccinations, and therapies of all. That is why it is so dangerous if the policy of the population, mediated now by a half-hearted, heterogeneous measures, the impression that the pandemic is almost over.

Is the Plan realistic, to get to the Sunday mass tests in the district of Gütersloh clarity about the infection happen?

no, not at all. The clarity you have when you tested it all and those identified who have an active infection. All of the other it would take ten to 14 days in quarantine in order not to be excluded that they develop an infection.

Date Of Update: 25 June 2020, 16:19

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