County medical: It's not the end of the world

Twelve of the cases in the Gothenburg region was confirmed on Saturday. Now that is a total of 26 people with hepatitis c in the Western Region. The number of p

County medical: It's not the end of the world

Twelve of the cases in the Gothenburg region was confirmed on Saturday. Now that is a total of 26 people with hepatitis c in the Western Region. The number of people who are suffering from the new coronavirus in many parts of the country.

Also, the turbulence increases and a lot of people are scared of the fact that they or their relatives become ill.

Eve Lindhusen Lindhé, deputy county medical officer in the Western Region, stressing that at the present time is a general distribution of the virus in the community.

" When we have evidence of it, we are talking about it in a clear way. We believe that we are going to get there on the bus, we're not there yet, "she says, and adds:

”Few are seriously ill,”

" You shouldn't think that this is the end of the world. This is not the case. There are very few who are seriously ill. It is also the belief that if you get the virus, then you are seriously ill, or even die. Some say it's milder than the regular flu. More than 80% of the adult population will get mild symptoms, and in children, the symptoms are very mild.

in the twelve, which was last diagnosed in the Gothenburg area, it is the only one that is in need of hospital care.

" and the Rest is so good that they can be cared for at home by the way of restrictions. Those who need to be hospitalized are the ones who have a problem with the breathing, " says Eva Lindhusen Lindhé.

Of the twelve coronafall, which was confirmed on the Sunday, there is only one person who needs to be cared for at the hospital, said an assistant county medical Eva Lindhusen Lindhé.Photo by: < / b> JOHANSSON/TT
if you are concerned and have questions about the coronavirus can call 113 to 13, and Sweden's notice in the event of accidents and emergencies, " she explains.

the Person with the symptoms who have been overseas in a danger zone, or in close contact with someone with a documented infection on to make 117 of 17.
number of coronafall expected in the Western Region
Eva Lindhusen Lindhé says that the infectious disease doctors are working around the clock, with the smittspårning, and the number of cases is expected to be confirmed from the smittspårningar is going on.

in the cases of persons under the so-called högriskkontakter, the members of the family, and the people they have been close, less than two meters away, holding the doctors are in contact with on a daily basis in order to check how they're doing.

" of course, we should take this very seriously, and so do we. We are seeing an increase in the number of cases and we are working very hard to get a hold of all of those who are infected have met with. Our main goal is not to get samhällsspridning.

" I don't know right now. Either it will be, as we hope, we manage to suppress it all, and it doesn't go under the radar, that there are not a few who do not seek treatment, that ought to do it. This is probably more of an inflow on the basis of other than for our actions. If there is a great lot of input from the outside, and it's growing in more and more places and people are traveling, then we're going to end up in a worse situation.

the Plan for public distribution < / span>

" We are working with a range of different scenarios. In the situation that we have now, with the occasional person who comes home from a trip abroad, and smittspårningen about where our resources have been sufficient. "We haven't had any isoleringsplatser full by any means. We have a lot more capacity than that in the Western Region.

" If we can get a general distribution, we have the exceptional resources which we have to take samhällsinstanser help you to arrange extra beds. We will, of course, set out all of the steps to be taken in this situation. So, we have some plans for it. It's the kind of thing that all of the sjukhusledningar and epidemiberedskapsgrupper have been working with. And it won't happen overnight. We are starting to notice when it is creeping closer, and since we are talking about all the rules and smittspårar in any other way than what we are doing now.

" We do not believe that the entire population will be sick. They haven't even been in the province of Hubei in China. Of the 50 million of the 80 000. We expect that many more people are infected with mild symptoms, but there is still a small part of the population.

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Updated Date: 08 March 2020, 18:00

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