Details: Percy, Nilsson, asked an employee to do the insideraffären

Percy Nilsson, who is deemed to have been served, the suspicion of serious insider dealing in the past has been restrained by the observations. In addition to h

Details: Percy, Nilsson, asked an employee to do the insideraffären

Percy Nilsson, who is deemed to have been served, the suspicion of serious insider dealing in the past has been restrained by the observations. In addition to him, more than a dozen suspects. One of them is a CYBER-interview of Dan Olofsson, will also he is well known businessman and entrepreneur in the city of Malmo. Dan Olofsson denies having committed the crime.

the criminal Investigation is complete. The suspects and their lawyers have been on the so-called " service of process before the prosecutor to make a decision about possible criminal charges.
Would like to get mistankarna off
Attorney: Lars Kruse, who is the authorised representative of the Percy Nilsson has in the past been said to Kvällsposten, that he or she intends to get to the suspicions against his client dismissed.

The employee, the newspaper new york times talked with have been notified of suspicion of having carried out the insideraffärerna in london's Victoria Park. The pre-trial investigation in a separate case. Prior to the investigation of the Percy jones and the rest of the people were sent in the notification was the suspicion against the employee is terminated. It is clear from the documents that the Kvällsposten has in the past taken a part of it.

the deals were made, at a time when the board of directors of the real estate in the Victoria Park and the received information to a prospective buyer, a German company, submitted a new bid. of the commandments
the reasons for the suspicion of insider dealing is that It is the German company's bid was the four crowns is higher than the bid that they submitted. Dan Olofsson was negotiated in the bid and shall be informed of the other shareholders of the higher bid, according to Dan Olsson for yourself in order for Kvällsposten.

This is the information that Percy Nilsson is suspected of having had, and used, in a criminal way and given to an employee with orders to purchase additional shares, and thereby also making a profit. The capital gain amounted to sek 195 000 sek per year, according to the newspaper.

" the Shops are all made with my computer. There will be, unfortunately, of the accused, that is to say, for something that you really do not have done, " says the employee to the new york times.

the industry is also in the middle of January, and now that Percy Nilsson will have received a text message from Dan Olofsson. According to the magazine, will and Dan Olofsson have been written in a text message to it and the next morning were going to be presented with a new bid for the malmö-based real estate company, Victoria Park, and the new bid was 38 dollars.

and, Further, wrote daily Dagens industri that the recipient of the text message, according to the prosecution, then, should have taken advantage of this information to make illegal insider trading.

is Refusing to comment on the new york times, have spoken with Percy jones and asked if he can remember that he has given to the employee in the purchase of additional shares in the Victoria Park area.

"so do I, but I can't talk to you," says Percy Nilsson told the newspaper.

in Order to purchase the shares shall have been presented orally to the staff member of the Percy Johnson. Investigation of suspected insider trading in Victoria Park, began in the year 2018. In december of last year, Percy Nilsson is suspended, which is Kvällsposten are revealed. Where was he in the us. He was somewhere in sweden, Skåne, in order to hunt for prey.

this is the second time he has to go to the Rättscentrum in Malmö, sweden and was. He was unlike the others, the business leaders of michigan, who will also run the risk of prosecution is not in custody.

as the Prosecutor, Thomas Langrot would seem, however, to have to wait to bring any prosecutions until the late spring.

" How long that will take is difficult to estimate. As it stands right now, will the prosecution be able to make a decision on the åtalsfrågan earlier than progressing since late spring, " says Niklas Ahlgren, press officer at serious fraud office.

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Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 22:00

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