Did the success of Repmånad – Loffes, the tragic final years

in the Film, ”Repmånad”, or ”Repmånad, How to make boys out of men,” as it is called, was a great success when it was released in 1979. On the screen appeared,

Did the success of Repmånad – Loffes, the tragic final years

in the Film, ”Repmånad”, or ”Repmånad, How to make boys out of men,” as it is called, was a great success when it was released in 1979. On the screen appeared, among other things, Lars Åberg, and the man Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson. Atkins was, in addition to playing the lead role in the film, also director, producer, and screenwriter.

in Conjunction with the album's producer, Bo Jansson, had a Prl with a clear plan of the film, and the ”Repmånad” was one of the seven films in which their co-operation has resulted in the. They felt that something was missing in the Swedish film market in the late 70's.

" We were going to try to make the so-called recognition of comedy. Thus, the igenkänningskomedier, " says Lasse Åberg.

Despite the fact that the film was low budget, and it cost a tenth of what it would cost to make the movie today, it was a very successful one. The video was a summary of Lasse Åberg's own repmånad.

" It was trying to show the reality, that is childish. I've done repmånad for yourself, and that kind of thing is childish, it was, " says Atkins.

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One of the cast members in the film are played by Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson and Åberg, says Carlsson, the role was special.

" He is, of course, the engine of the film, you could say. When you look at it, he is the one that has the energy, " says Atkins.

Janne Carlsson was called ”Loffe”, and the nickname came from a character he played in the tv series ”Anywhere in the uk, and the series that made him really popular. Atkins says Carlsson, who has always stuck to the script during the recording of the album.

" He was a so-called naturskådis. Sometimes he came in on the stuff that you couldn't use it, but sometimes he came in on the stuff that we are able to make use of.

in 2017, joined by Carlsson to remove the cancer. Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson, was 80 years of age. He was a jack of all trades, expressing his or her creativity in a number of areas. He wrote the music, had exhibitions of paintings he had painted and also had a great interest in food.

" He's had a very, very broad spectrum, you might say. He did a lot of different things, which meant that it was never boring, " says Gurianne Sandvén together with the Carlsson before he passed away.
Ex-girlfriend: 'He was very funny,”

the Roles of the Carlsson was in both the comic and the dramatic. However, even the behind-the-scenes, and he had a great sense of humor, and liked to be in the city centre, " says Gurianne Sandvén.

" He was very funny. We have had an incredible amount of fun together, " says Sandvén.

She continued.

" And everyone had a lot of fun in him.... He was a fun person, fun and so on. Very many of them enjoyed being in his company.

After the Loffe Carlsson's death, Sandvén have noticed that there are many people out of the actor.

" He is incredibly missed. Both of the family and other friends. And he has noticed a lot of people's lives.

Janne Carlsson was buried with his family and friends said goodbye to him at the Katarina church in Stockholm, sweden. Lasse Åberg, who tells us how to ”Repmånad, How to make boys out of men” also had to be a part of the procession.

this is One of the most talked-about scenes in the movie was when Kapoor, Atkins and the gang did not go over the bridge. This did not go over to the truck. As a solution to the problem, they wrote, when ”the Helicopter” on the truck.

" I know that the coffin that was the ”Helicopter”. He flew up into the sky, " says Atkins.

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Bert-Åke Varg, ”He was a fighter, a wonderful person,”with Bert-Åke Varg, ”He was a fighter, a wonderful person,”

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