Do you really want to play in China at this time?

the News hit like a bombshell last Thursday. on the island of Djurgården is selling their captain, Marcus Danielson, 30, of the chinese club, Dalian is the Pr

Do you really want to play in China at this time?

the News hit like a bombshell last Thursday.

on the island of Djurgården is selling their captain, Marcus Danielson, 30, of the chinese club, Dalian is the Professional CLUB. The transfer fee? According to the SportExpressens data, if it lands on a good chunk of the 50 million.

”It's one of the sickest shops in the elfsborgs of history,” writes the SportExpressens reporter Daniel Kristoffersson in his blog.

a Transition is a special of a very different reason: the Coronavirus is rampant in China. Danielson is in Spain,
the League should have been started on the 22nd of February, but all of the games have been set in the expectation that the situation will calm down.

from Dalian, the Professional, the FC was present in Spain when the virus broke out and remained there.

"Normally, you know, when the league starts, they know what games to expect, where and when they are supposed to be played... but here we are waiting for," says the legendary coach, Rafa Benitez, in an interview with The Club.

" of course It is logical for it to have been, in view of the virus. However, it will be a very, very strange early season for us.

The two-week period, the team has isolated himself in the hotel and to the left in order to train the football team on the field, which is located in the immediate vicinity. The players have a daily basis have had their body temperatures measured, since a fever is the first sign that you are suffering from the virus.

It was in Spain, Marcus Danielson on Thursday, did his medical check-up.
”Is not a walking virus”

A number of chinese clubs is at the moment stuck in Spain, and it is a club that has it a bit harder to use than any of the others: the Wuhan Zall. It was, as is well known in the city of xi'an as the coronavirus began to spread.

the Coach, Jose Gonzalez, said in an interview with Marca that they had planned to play a number of friendly matches in Spain, but the opponents have been entered on the basis of the fear of the virus.

"I understand that the name ”Wuhan”, may alarmklockorna to make a call, but I would like to point out that the whole time, about 1 000 kilometers away from xi'an, when the virus began to spread," says Gonzalez, and determines that no player has shown any symptoms.

He continues:

" the players are not migrating to the virus, and they are athletes. I want to be in Spain to show them a little empathy, it's not easy being so far away from home and knowing that your family is sitting in the quarantine.

" I know it's hard, but I would like to call for some calm here.

the transfer market is affected
Coronavirus has also had an impact on the market in China.

the AFP News agency writes that the clubs in the football league have spent about 280 million Swedish crowns in total during the current transfer window, which closes on Friday. This is the lowest price since 2011.

" with the Uncertainty that the virus has been created is bound to be scared off prospective signings. Do you really want to play in China right now? Furthermore, clubs will be less inclined to make large trades when they don't really know what's going on, " says Harry, Belford, Spencer, who is working for the chinese agentfirman the First Pick of Group.

for instance, he and Odion Ighalo, who has recently left for Shanghai Shenua in order to move on loan to Manchester United.

" Why would they want to have him in the squad and pay his wages when they don't play any games? You don't want to have huge labor costs, in this situation, " says Harry, Belford, Spencer, to the NATION.

however, There are several big names left in the league.

Marcus Danielson is getting now a team mate, including Marek Hamsik and Salomón Rondón. And he's going to be held against a player like Hulk, Paulinho, Stephan El Shaarawy, Graziano Pellè, Mousa Dembélé and Marouane Fellaini.

in Dalian, Professional, FC, ended in ninth place in the chinese league title last year.

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Date Of Update: 28 February 2020, 08:00

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