Double spelarbråk of Malmö FF's training

On Sunday at Malmö FF, to receive the AFC Eskilstuna, sweden, in the final round of the national cup. a Draw is enough to advance, while victory is likely to

Double spelarbråk of Malmö FF's training

On Sunday at Malmö FF, to receive the AFC Eskilstuna, sweden, in the final round of the national cup.

a Draw is enough to advance, while victory is likely to lead to home ice advantage in the first round.

ever since Jon Dahl Tomasson took over at Malmö FF, has the equipment been very clear in that all the lead players should be given a chance to prove themselves.

this is Something that has led to a large ruljans in the startelvorna, and more and more games, sometimes two in the same day than the previous year.

the cup is now entering a critical stage, and that the premiere league is coming up, and the more clearly the permanent line up is on its way to being designed could be seen at the start of Wednesday's practice at Malmö IP.

at the end of a long and physical in the pass, and gave her the first Lasse Nielsen is on the Adi Nalic, after a tough battle in the context of a long-löpduell.

a Few minutes later I pushed the Blouse Ahmedhodzic over the Oscar Lewicki, who, when he has risen up to confront his or her partner, which, in turn, said that the push for Lewicki bit. Tomasson, satisfied with the intensity of the CLUB's training
While He and Nalic was held in a power of love attack, according to his gruff then broke Jon Dahl Tomasson suspended the exercise following the Ahmedhodzic and Lewicki gruffat.

With a big smile on my face meant, the CLUB coach, however, is not that he failed to exercise due to the gruffet.

" no, No, no, no, no. It's all about the football. It was a pretty normal day of football.

" I do from time to time. That was what I did in the last workout as well. So just be quiet.

"You are a very, very sharp guys," said Dahl Tommasson with a smile.

" But this is football. It was also the boys were very tired, there was a lot of physical workouts. And more than that, we are running side by side as we do the physically tough training sessions, while we were playing football.

After that, the CLUB coach, gathered his players around him, it resumed the practice session.

Jon Dahl Tomasson, who has played at the highest level, as well, Denmark, Milan, Liverpool and Stuttgart, germany likes what he sees at the CLUB's training sessions.

" It has been a remarkable stance after the cup, it was great that we gave the young players a chance to win. A lousy plan, " says Tomasson, and to continue if a 2-1 win against Town.

" We were one of the youngest teams we have fielded in the plan. We are mix of established players and creating five chances in a poor plan, and we missed the penalty and we win. To expand on what I mean. We need to give people a chance, otherwise you will never be better.

the CLUB is approaching a more solid starting line-up
it is now burning on the Malmö practice will see the Dal Tomasson, who is a equally as positive as a self-evident development.

" It is time that we made a lot of rockader of the team, is coming to an end. It's going to be off of it, it's only natural. Now we are coming closer and closer to the season, and then it will be more of a closer team.

If the meaning of the movement of the cup and of the continuation of the club up to the top its inception, " said Jon Dahl Tomasson.

" What is important to you. Hopefully we win and get home ice in the first round.

" We're taking the cup very seriously. Malmö FF haven't won it since 1989, and many of the players were not even born then! We are taking it very seriously. Malmö has a great cuphistoria, but there is no fresh cups.

in That game, against the AFC on Sunday, it will be a significant step towards a more consistent starting line-up sticks by Jon Dahl Tomasson is not in fact.

" That is what will happen. It is inevitable, of course, closer to the season you are going.

" It is clear that, while we have made a lot of changes between the games, so far, so there will be fewer changes now.

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 02:00

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